March 2007

[Devil Disciples] Episode 16

Argh!!! Bernice’s father lies to Bosco and uses him to lure Sharon into his trap!!Bernice’s father pretends to be the good guy who is understanding and forgives Bosco. He took advantage of the loyalty and trust Bosco had in him (and because he was naive), and used the trust Sharon had in his brother…she would never have thought her own brother would betray her…

Bosco kneels in front of Bernice’s father and tries to explain himself. He even asks him to kill him or do anything he wants..>___<

Bernice’s father takes Bosco to some fake guy and making up a story of how he turned him into a ‘good’ person, saying he can help his sister do the same and get rid of anger and hatred.

Bosco thinking everything would be fine (for believing Bernice’s father), tells Bernice that he was only pretending to be with Shirley etc (what a waste of effort...), but doesn’t tell her his true identity. He tells her that her father knows about ‘it’ and what he was doing was best for her.

Bernice forgives Bosco.

[Sharon and Bosco Moments] The siblings share some time together
I really liked watching Bosco and Sharon moments, especially the part when the two were sharing experiences of how they lived when they were young etc. You completely see no evil in Sharon..I was really annoyed how Bosco believed Bernice’s father and even agreed to help get rid of all her powers, to supposedly turn her ‘good’. He trusted him over his own twin sister!! Bosco even got Sharon to promise him not to kill other innocent people, and Sharon promised him the minimal was to kill Bernice’s father for revenge..yet Bosco still lied to her T_T You know Sharon would keep her words, but its obvious Bernice’s father wouldn’t..he said that he won’t hurt Sharon (yeh..sure) but uses the excuse that there may be some ‘accident’ he cannot avoid.

Sharon was really happy when Bosco accepted her as his sister =3 Feels very sweet seeing the two together.

Bosco takes Sharon to eat as they talk about the past.

How cuuute ^^

The two watch performances by people at the streets and Bosco tells her how he used to do things like that to earn money when he was small.

Kevin notices that Sharon has been in a happier mood and asks what’s been happening. Sharon apologises that she can’t tell him yet and Kevin repsects her decision. Either way, he is happy for her too.

However, when she talks about taking revenge for her parents, the hatred grows and her internal injuries suffer again.

Sharon is angered, saying she doesn’t want to die yet- not before she takes her revenge.

Bosco tells his sister fake information about Bernice’s father.

I liked watching the Kevin and Sharon moments too and seeing the two get closer. Sharon’s body is getting weaker and weaker ..I’m so worried that she won’t be able to handle it and that she would die soon. The ultimate powers she holds is destroying her but she is struggling to hang on..she doesn’t care if she dies..as long as Bernice’s father dies.. Kevin tries to stop her from learning the techniques and taking in drugs (?) but she keeps slapping him in the face for getting in the way.. T_T It hurts him so much to see her hurting herself…

Sharon slaps Kevin in the face for stopping her take the drugs (not really drugs, but its bad for her)

I thought Wayne should have known that Bosco had told Bernice’s father the truth when Bosco said he got things sorted ‘as long as the leader understands’, then Wayne would warn him about the possibility of using him etc

I knew it in the last part where Bosco was talking to Bernice about the guy how turned ‘good’ and that he would realise Bernice’s father had only lied and had no intentions of ‘saving her’. I hope Bosco would see the true face of Bernice’s father now..but I think it may be too late to save his sister T_T

2 Responses to “[Devil Disciples] Episode 16”

  • ellenkam says:

    Can’t wait to see reviews on next episodes. i am living in Tokyo currently so I have no access to whatsoever dvd and tv connected with TVB.
    your website is kind of only comfort to my lonliness in Tokyo. (; 😉 remember, there are lots of people watching at this website and I hope you will make it big someday in the world of internet.

  • KTVB says:

    lol..thanks for your continuous encouraging comments ellenkam ^^

    You can try downloading the tvb episodes though =) I heard the Internet connection is really fast at Tokyo~

    Will be watching the last episode tonight ^^ (4 episodes of posting to catch up on) Unfortunately uni work load is increasing, so might not be able work on this blog much =\ For now I’ll just keep it nice and small XD

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