March 2007

[Devil Disciples] Episode 19

Didn’t like this episode much..

At first I was really excited that Bernice went against his father and now everyone knows that her father was the one who killed Bernice’s godfather. The School of Sacred Sword’s name and reputation is pretty much gone and the 5 new disciples, along with the 2 other leaders leave. What annoyed me so much was the fact that it was Bernice’s father who had planned for all this to happen; from letting Bernice see him kill the leader. It just doesn’t seem to make much sense.. did he really have to go to the extreme of revealing his real nature to everyone and then try get Bernice to become the new leader and believe he has learnt his mistake? How come Bernice can just be appointed the new Wulin leader? Doesn’t it have to be re-elected, or go to the one who is next most powerful in martial arts? Since no one appears to respect Bernice’s father anymore, why do they leave him the power to give up his position to whoever he likes?

Bo Bernice! Go Patricia!

The 5 disciples say goodbye to Bernice

In this episode, Bernice’s father pretends to fall seriously ill (from bad health? How is this possible?) and persuades Bernice that he knows he has regret doing the wrong thing and seeks to ask for her forgiveness, and for her to stay. He also hands to her the position of Wulin leader and asks her to seek peace with the Blood Shadow Clan. He also tells her that only this way there would be real peace and she and Bosco can be together because they would no longer be enemies. Bernice falls into his trap and goes to Sky One tribe too talk to Sharon about declaring peace, and for the Bloody Shadow Clan to join the “good” side. Haven’t seen Bosco for so long, she finds out that he’ll be marrying Shirley…

Shirley in her wedding gown

Bosco and Bernice finally meet after their separation

Bosco tells Bernice he will be marrying Shirley.

Bernice trys to smile and congratulates Shirley
On the other hand, despite Shirley’s father trying his best to save Sharon, they were unsuccessful.

Sharon says that her real name given by her parents is ‘Snow’, ‘Mok Mun’ was the name she gave herself whn she was 13, (that is when Bernice’s father killed her people). She tells the other to call her by her real name.

Kevin begged him to save her and he was willing to give up his own life for hers if he could. Upon hearing thing, Shirley’s father takes Kevin to a very powerful musical instrument (like the one Kevin’s mother had played) and tells him that when this powerful instrument is played, it can tear up the soul (my own interpretation xD) , perhaps attacking the sounds into Sharon can rid the negative things. Of course, being as strong, it can kills them both in the process. Kevin does take the risk and at the end, it successfully worked ^^ She wouldn’t have to die anymore..

8 Responses to “[Devil Disciples] Episode 19”

  • ellenkam says:

    Thanks VM for posting the review for episode 18 finally . I liked the development of the story though, I am glad to see Shirley and Bosco are finally together. although i haven’t seen the real drama yet so might not have the best clue that how good Bosco and Bernice are together. but i just have this feeling that Shirley and Bosco are looking much cuter stading next to each other . Bernice come across more like Bosco’s sister .
    Also, I have a different view about Shirley’s act in the story, I think they would like to show shirley’s love towards bosco that she helps Bosco in spite of sacrificing herself. I do think that its writer’s idea to make shirley a selfish person. on the contrary, the writer(whomever it may be) is in love with women of Shirley’s kind.
    i want to see the real drama , but dont know where to down load. the one i know is very cd , its very slow though, let me know if you know a better one.
    anyway , can’t wait to see your reviews on the rests . i really like your reviews and the screen caps . although we have very very minor discrepancies in our view.

  • ellenkam says:

    One correction , I dont think that its the writer’s idea to make Shirley a selfish person . solly 🙁

  • KTVB says:

    lol, I was wondering why you said that because it sounded out of place from what you were trying to say XD

    I have to say, Bernice and Bosco don’t look good together as Bosco and Shirley..there isn’t much chemistry between them, but yeh..

    I’ve got links to where you can download the drama in the “Links and Credits” section.

  • ellenkam says:

    Thanks K, one more point, i think that this drama wanted to portray Bosco as a strong man or ”Hero”who ends up establishing something big on his own, and often, men of this type tend to end up with a woman who is very supportive and giving and also be able to stand behind the man with a huge loyalty. here that shirley is the type and bernice is not . i just have this feeling that Shirley is a soft type while Bernice is very strong and a bit more independent. but don’t get me wrong . i like bernices , too. but for putting one of them with Bosco together in this story i would choose shirley over bernice. hahaha.

  • KTVB says:

    You’re right in that respect I guess… Shirley’s character is one of those ‘weaker’ ‘need to be protected’ type of girl~ Bernice is more dominant..and has to act more independently because of her position at the School of Sacred Swords~ she is the daughter of the Wulin leader~ its also the image she must portray to others..even if she wasn’t like that

  • ellenkam says:

    yeah ,i agree. Am i the only person yet to wait for your next screen captures ?i know you are busy with your university works, so i wont solicit your immediate posting but hope you can just finish the final episode. ok ? (^_^)

  • david says:

    If someone said “didn’t like this episode much”. It means “characters in the film is acting good; good actors”.

  • i says:

    i love bernice…she is my fav character and i love her so much as an actress….but i love sharon too and i think that the two cutest couples are bosco and bernice and kevin and sharon >< (i am a girl so i dun really *love* them, just as actresses)

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