April 2008

[Devil’s Disciples] 強劍

This post lists all the entries made on this series

Released in: March 2007

Entries: contains episodic thoughts, spoilers and screen captures

Series Info & Synopsis
Episode 1-2: Bosco, Bernice, Kevin, Wayne appears. Enter the School of Sacred Swords.
Episode 3: Sharon appears
Episode 4-5: The green creature appears. The disciples undergo training.
Episode 6-7: Disicples’s day out. The Blood Shadow clan’s arises. Shirley appears.
Episode 8: Competing to be selected. Sharon’s past revealed.
Episode 9-10: Shirley saves Kevin. Kevin tries to rescue his mother.
Episode 11: Kevin’s mother’s story revealed! The Blood Shadow Clan’s attack!
Episode 12-13: Good bye Kevin! Wayne gets poisoned.
Episode 14: Bosco’s true identity revealed! Accepting his past..
Episode 15: Sharon saves Kevin. Bosco acts strangely. Bernice’s father finds out the truth!
Episode 16: Bosco spends time with Sharon.
Episode 17: Bosco sees Bernice’s father’s true nature. Wayne’s death.
Episode 18: Enter Sky One Tribe. Shirley sleeps with Bosco.
Episode 19: Bernice, the new leader!
Episode 20- Final: Sharon’s death. The final battle.
Overview : Thoughts on the overall series. Review-like.


Drawing: Sharon and Bosco
Opening Screencaptures
Destined to meet? When Bosco and Shirley’s characters were young- how they met
Themesong and Winamp Skin Downloads
Moments of Comparison: Devil’s Disciples/The Seventh Day

9 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] 強劍”

  • DP says:

    this series was good until the ending,it was ridiculous,what was wrong with the director

  • Gar-Yen says:

    I loved this series i thought it was funny throughout even though ppl said the jokes were lame and it got rated the trashiest TVB series of 2007

  • KTVB says:

    Here are the PinYin for Devil’s Disciple Themesong!

    Lun fan jaang dau ming ho
    Woot jeuk ji yat mei nang yuk bo
    Ming wan jung tin ha hoh yau yue bo
    Keung yeuk yau sui ji do

    Lit fung do gim tung lo
    Yat jiu poh mit wan yue mo
    Wai jeuk nei wai jeuk mo seung ching cho
    Joi mo toi yiu ching ho

    * Jin joi hang gung seung lo
    Jung sing foo kei sat mei liu do
    Jui gang go joi kuet duen si hak jeung sam chi tung
    Jin joi hang gung seung lo
    Jeung wong yat ching lam bit fung sung
    Piu bok jung moot dak sat yiu si ching chung *

    Joi fung gap yue kong bo
    Yat ye ting dei yau loi ok ho
    Waan naan ji gaau joi fung yue gung mo
    Lau sai sui yuet bat lo

    Ming jung seung pooi tung do
    Chung fung dui dik ching gang chung
    Bit wai ngoh diu ha wang yuen mo so
    Si nei wai ngoh giu ngo

    Repeat [*] x 2

    Credits to :Alice @ Starz Central for the translation =)

  • Dat Le says:

    I agree with DP say, the entire series is good but in the end is so wrong. I though bosco and bernice is the one will be together at the end. I was dissappoint when i see sherley and bosco together. I was not happy at that part. By the way, even bernice not with bosco in the end of the movie. her heart always belong to him and he know that to. I hope TVB will made a second one of devil disciples. the reason i say this, in the end i still see that there no peace yet.

  • Kudo Shinichi says:

    Nice starting of the Devil’s Disciples but I was dissappointed with the ending of the story. I’m Bernice with Bosco.

  • Wee says:

    the entire movie was great! this is one of my favourites…except for the end. its so wrong.its not a happy ending.Sharon died in the end.i think they should make movies like this.

  • Blues says:

    I HATED how sharon had to die in the end, seriously, i was hoping shirley would have taken the damage, and bernice x bosco would come true. Its sad, but hey, the ending would be better..what was UP with the ending and the song?! that just..ruined it!

  • Phantom1200 says:

    Do you know where I can get the song 清心普善咒? I like it very much…

  • Shiro says:

    I’d also like 清心普善咒 if it’s available. Much appreciated.

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