February 2007

[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 1-2

As others have been saying, the computer graphics used here aren’t very good, they look really fake.. but if you ignore that, and look at it as an RPG (since it is based off a Chinese RPG), the story looks like it’ll get interesting. I’m actually quite confused with the first part of the series. Seems Like Michael Miu and Anne’s characters are evil, and Bernice’s father (played by Eddie Ko Hung) is there to fight them off, but I reckon he looks more evil than the two. Bad guys don’t often jump off the cliff and commit suicide. After the victory, that man became the leader of Wulin, head of “Seng Gim Muun” (School of Sacred Swords).
I have no idea what the narrator was trying to say at the start. If someone does, please let me know lol Its like those ancient poetic stuff. Hm..guess I’ll just have to watch on.

Before Michael and Anne go into battle, we see them get birds carry and fly away with two babies. I believe one on them is Bosco; the other being Kevin perhaps?

Bosco’s ‘mother and brother’ who had brought him up

20 years later, Bosco is brought up and ends up becoming Wayne’s apprentice who learns his techniques quite fast (only showing him once) and he seems to grasp quite quickly. Their relationship is quite fun to watch because both of them have fun personalities.
Bosco’s character reminds me of his usual roles, like in Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion. He is an easy-going, friendly guy who is naive.

Reminds me of Whatever it takes how they accepted him mainly because of the money that was with the baby. The two also trick people’s money to make a living, but glad to say the son is not as bad as the one in Whatever it takes.

I think Kevin looks a bit out of place, or maybe its just because he hasn’t been in ancient series before. Bernice looks similiar to her role in Brink even though its completely different time period.Kevin appears to be looking for his mother, but we don’t really know much about him yet.
The two meet when they both were accepted in the School of Sacred Swords as disciples.

Bernice and Bosco’s first encounter. Bernice catches him when he falls.

Plays Bernice’s father.

Bosco meets Kevin. Kevin’s first appearance.

21 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 1-2”

  • yw says:

    er.. haha.. actually kevin has been in an ancient series before.. it was quite long ago something about mermaids.. he was a baddie in there.. roger kwok was in it too.. haha..

  • brisk says:

    actually the other baby can’t be kevin since we noe already that bosco is one of the babies. The narrator in the beginning sed that it was a dragon-phoneix birth meaning one girl and one guy…

  • KTVB says:

    To yw: Thanks for informing =D

    To brisk: oooh..thanks for that brisk XD I couldn’t understand what the person as saying hehe..I wonder who she could be =)

  • qing says:

    devil’s disciple looks nice, maybe i’ll watch it coz of wayne lai. wonder his character good or bad? =)

  • groovy says:

    LOL Wayne Lai is there..how interesting..haha Bosco in your scaps looks so young, like a teenager 😛
    Ahh how come Michael Miu is in the series? haha..what a nice ‘coincidence’ this series is filmed after ARS and Michael+Anne were a couple there..Cameo-ing for fun? 😉

  • william says:

    devils disciple sounds really kool. i love these type of kung fu series

  • KTVB says:

    To groovy: that surprised me too lol woah..this series filmed that long ago??
    To blue_angel_12: ahh!! spoiler blue angel! I don’t read the synopsis cos they ten to contain spoilers! XD

    To qing: I think Wayne is a good character..well, on the surface for far anyway, we’ll just have to see (no spoilers everyone! XD)

  • alicechen says:

    Hey there K! You are so lucky! Being able to watch all these good series. (that I considered personally!) thanks for the screencaps again! 😀

  • zelda says:

    woo hoo go devil decispline it owns

  • emma says:

    lol didnt know anne and micheal were in devils desciples…r they guest stars or sumthin…HA that pic with bosco’s mother and bro is sooo funni

  • K.. the other baby is actually a girl – it’s sharon to be exact. says in synopsis 😉

  • fatla says:

    heyy. i saw the first the two episodes and they seem okay. love wayne’s performance. but did anyone realised that wayne used english in either the first or second epi? when bosco won the ‘contest’, he bought the peaches to wayne and he said the word ’round’? anyone realised? or was it that i heard wrongly?

  • KTVB says:

    Hi Fatla,
    haha, yea he said “round” in English instead XD

  • ellenkam says:

    This is great website which contains contents of many TVB series that I like. I like Bosco Wong’s TV drama especially . He is so cool , yet so cute. I can foresee him being an other Andy lau legend in a few years down the road , I see great potential of him in all of his works . I like his super emotive eyes and lips. anyway, thanks for posting all the great contents, and keep it up.

  • boskifan says:

    yep i think he did say round i was surprised wen i watch that scene hahaha this situation went to the news too and the directer explains he said “wan” and not “round” (chinese article below)


  • william says:

    i like the bit where bosco and his brother are fighting in the city gate and they fall down XD

  • KTVB says:

    To boskifan: lol! Thats so neat how they even have an article on it. Thanks for sharing that!

    To william: I wonder where Bosco learnt his basic martial arts back then

  • kim says:

    whoa, ur right it was a girl & boy born. but how come kevin had a jade?

  • KTVB says:

    I don’t think Kevin had a jade..he had some other crystal thing I think (given to him by someone else)

  • drama queen says:

    anyone can recommend the direct link to episode 1 for devil disciples?

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