March 2007

[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 11

Very exciting episode~ I loved it ^^

We learn of the truth behind Kevin’s mother!

The story seems planned that Bosco was not able to take part and Kevin does; just to find his mother. Its quite sad though because Kevin’s mother has already passed away; but luckily was able to leave a few last words for him to find out the truth and what kind of person Bernice’s father is.

In this episode, The Bloody Shadow Clan reveal themselves and plan their attack on the School of Sacred Swords and the 7 other Groups. With the 6 in training for the ultimate attack, Sharon successfully mislead the 7 groups to gathering there and blasted a flying stone; burning the whole building along with the people. Sharon was so cool! I was a bit disappointed that not many people were killed in the fire; and seemed a bit odd how the 7 groups of people who were stuck in the building surrounded by fire for such a long time but didn’t seem to get killed. I also liked how the 6 new disciples (excluding Kevin because he was not in the scene) were working together and saving everyone. I liked how they looked out for one another and it just really showed how they were good choices.
On another note, it seems a bit quick but the 6 learning the ultimate attack (Bernice, Bernice’s father, Sword Brother, and the 3 mentors) were able to master it in such a short period of time. It turns out that they didn’t even need seven people. They couldn’t find Kevin (because he was with his mother) so they carried on with the training.
With help from the Sword Brother; Sharon was able to successfully defeat the ultimate attack. This is also the first time Sharon and Bosco meet!! He stood out for everyone and accepted Sharon’s challenge; a condition of letting them go if someone was able to block/survive 3 of her moves. In her 3rd move, Sharon was able to kill Bosco but she didn’t because she felt something..(we all know why!!) The crows were also flying around; and so Bosco saw the chance and injured her. At that point, I really hoped that Bosco felt something too~ so sad to think he’s helping his enemy fighting his own people..

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  • micaela says:

    i hope shing fung and chi-lung are together. they really make a pair. i don’t like shui ling. she is very selfish. like she said ing the show.

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