I’m getting a bit annoyed by Bosco’s character already because he keeps thinking that Bernice’s father is a total good guy when its obvious to the audience he isn’t. From what Bosco can see, Bernice’s father is a true hero and so he wouldn’t listen to Wayne or Kevin’s warning. Sometimes it makes me wonder why he doesn’t trust the two… or even have the thought of the possibility at the back of his mind. Another thing Bosco keeps saying is how the School of Swords did a lot for him but I can’t see what it is. Why does Bosco have to show such loyalty? They didn’t teach him much techniques either, but we see it like he’s doing everything for them and selling his soul because he’s accepted as their disciple. Seeing that Bosco saved the situation against Sharon, Bosco gets promoted in the School of Sacred Swords.

Bernice captures Kevin after finding him and brings him back to see her father. He appears to be missing for days while he was grieving over his mother’s death.
[The Confrontation]

Kevin confronts Bernice’s father about the death of his mother but Bernice’s father twists the situation in making the others think he captured her because of a very good reason i.e she caused evil to the world and deserved it; rather than him using dirty tricks to try steal her techniques. Sadly, no one believes Kevin. Kevin tries to avenge his mother by directly attacking him, but almost gets killed by Bernice’s father. Bosco and the others begged and tried to persuade Bernice’s father to give him a chance, so he ends up locking him up for his ‘traitorous’ act.

Bosco’s characters name ‘Wind’ (missing a stroke). Bosco’s mother had always worried for Bosco’s safety after the incident and wants him to leave before Sharon takes her revenge against him. His brother attempted to scare him with blood writing on the walls etc, but Bosco finds out the flaws. No matter how much Bosco’s mother nagged and begged him to leave the School of sacred Swords for her, he declined; saying that the School really needs them now. His thought was also influenced by Shirley when he told her his dilemma. She tells him that he should protect people on a larger scale i.s stay and protect theSchool of Sacred Swords (rather than being filial to his mother) because only then would more people have the chance to be filial to their parents.

Sharon captures Bosco ‘s brother and forces him to tell her about Bosco’s past. After that, she gives him something that erases the memory of that moment.

Sharon on the other hand finds out that Bosco is actually her twin brother and wants to reunite with him. However, her follower does not want this to affect their plan in taking revenge and attempts to kill off Bosco to get him off Sharon’s mind. Without Sharon’s consent, she fights Bosco but was luckily saved by Wayne. We hardly see Wayne fight so I quite liked that scene. Unfortunately, Wayne gets poisoned by her deadly pin and learns from Shirley that he is in a very serious condition. Not wanting Bosco to worry about him, Wayne tells Shirley to hide the fact from Bosco. Always seeing Wayne happy and enthusiastic, I feel sad for him and hopes that he can be cured but I don’t think that would be the case. Wayne’s hair starts turning white..back to his true age (he said he’s supposed to be 60 years old)

[Bosco tells Wayne to look after his mother and brother]

The two slap each other on the face, helping the other to mosquitoes.

Wayne happily agrees to help Boso after Bosco compliments him. As Bosco walks away, wayne notices the crows/eagle flying above.
[Wayne’s fight. Wayne protects Bosco]

Bosco realises that one of the poisoness pins got Wayne on the neck

Sharon disguises as an old woman to get close to Bosco, and Bosco helps her and even planned to treat her food, until he realised it was her.

[Bosco and Bernice Moments]

On the surface, it appears that Bernice’s father has let Kevin go (so Bosco thinks he’s a nice guy), and was never to return to the School of Sacred Swords, but secretly putting something into him which caused Kevin to spit out blood and collapse into the river when he was rowing the boat away alone later. Argh!!! That guy is soo annoying!! Bosco and the others of course do not know about it…

Kevin bids farewell to his friends.

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