March 2007

[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 14

Bosco and Bernice’s wedding is arranged by Bernice’s father to be on the day when peace is brought to Wulin; the day they defeat the Bloody Shadow Clan. Excited as Bosco was, he went to tell Bernice the great news ^^

Bosco telling Bernice that her father has arranged their wedding.

Bosco’s brother and mother’s finding out about his wedding. Bosco’s brother hints to his mother that there’s also a girl he’s found (i.e Shirley). Hearing this, Bosco’s mother was overjoyed, wanting Shriley to be her daughter-inlaw so decided to help him out.

Bosco’s mother gets her to do the stick thing (not sure what’s it called) for her ‘son’ and got the man to explain ‘his’ fortune/luck in his love relationship and gets very positive comments. Bosco’s mother starts hinting to her that her son likes her and Shirley, thinking she was referring to Bosco gets embarrassed.

Bosco’s mother realises that the one Shirley likes is Bosco, and not Bosco’s brother. She later tells Bosco’s brother to give up on her.

Bosco seemed to have everything the way he wanted it. He has been promoted in the School of Scared Swords and the leader had approved of his relationship with Bernice, soon being able to marry the girl he loves. Bosco lives to bring justice to the world and to fight for the ‘righteous’, which is what he believes destroying the ‘evil’ clan would do. But its during this time that Bosco learns of his true past and identity when Sharon’s confronts him. This leaves Bosco in confusion and denial, not wanting to accept the fact even though deep down he knows she is telling the truth.

That night, Bosco saw the birds flying above his room outside, and they lure him outside to Sharon. One of the birds give him back the green thing (don’t know what’s it called) Shraon had previous taken off him.

Sharon shows him her piece of green thing which matches up with the one he has. She tells him about how Bernice’s father killed their parents, but before the battle, the two got the birds to take them away each in a basket with the green thing.

Unable to accept the fact, Bosco runs away..

Bosco later finds out Wayne’s poisoned condition when he sees him on the streets. Wayne has turned into an old man..I felt really sad for Wayne seeing him like that; really pity him. He has aged so much he can’t even remember Bosco..
In order to save Wayne, Bosco seeks antidote from Sharon who told him she would only give it if he came back to their side. Without considering much, Bosco ‘accepts’ her condition in exchange for the antidote.

Wayne does recover and return to his young appearance but he loses all his martial arts skills. Such a shame…

Bosco tells Shirley about his true identity and she tries to confort him.

When I saw this little shot I’m reminded of how much Bosco loves Bernice.. he know that they can’t be together because of who is really is. He doesn’t want to tell her because then they would become enemies..feels like it might be their last time together and plans to leave her while she’s asleep.

The next morning, Bosco wants to leaves but is stopped by Sharon who threatens to hurt Bernice and his loved ones if he goes back on his words. I think its unfair to Sharon; she kept her words when they fought each other, letting them go if he can survive 3 of her attacks, but now, after taking tthe antidoate, Bosco wants to go back on his words. I actually hoped Bosco would go back to the Blood Shadow Clan..

4 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 14”

  • ellenkam says:

    how many episodes are you watching per day I can’t wait to see screencaps of episode 15 and onwards.
    I saw a few clips on youtube and saw Bosco and Shirley were together , will they become together at the end ? how did they actually get together though ?

  • KTVB says:

    I watch one episode a day, but I don’t end up blogging about it right after~ have to dig up some time to..

    As for who Bosco ends up with, I have no ideas lol (not up to there yet) But so far, Shirley has a crush on him, but he loves Bernice (but they can’t really be together so..hmm..) there’s a shot on the opening where he hugs her..
    We’ll just have to see ^^

  • liyk says:

    the green thing = jade

  • RD4L says:

    What happens to Kevin when he leaves the Saint Sword Sect?

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