March 2007

[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 15

Bosco wants to leave Sacred Sword School but does not want to work for The Bloody Shadow Clan. Sharon stops him and threatens to hurt his loved ones, i.e Bernice, his mother and brother if he did.

Bosco tells Bernice he wants to delay their wedding but does not give her a proper reason. He can’t tell his true identity and asks her to trust him. Bernice gets angry at him because he’s not being honest to her and says that he is just finding exuses and doesn’t truely love her.

Bosco faced in the dilemma and not knowing what to do, Wayne overhears and finds out that Sharon is actually Bosco’s sister.

He advises him to try not be ‘useful’ to Bernice’s father anymore. That way, Bernice’s father wouldn’t keep him in the high position and therefore Sharon wouldn’t see Bosco in the position to back stab Sacred Swords and taking advantage of the situation.

Bosco pretends to neglect his duties, acting like a total idiot and humiliates himself in front of everyone so they would get rid of him. Bosco’s sudden change caused his mother and brother, Bernice to worry about him, and fell for it. Knowing he cannot be with Bernice, Bosco and Shirley pretend the two have fallen in love with each other so she will give up on him.

Bernice follows Bosco and sees the two together. Bosco appears to have spent the night with her and Bernice waits outside all night.

The next morning, Bernice confronts Shirley and asks her why. Shirley tells her that she didn’t want to, but she couldn’t control her feelings towards him. Shirley also explains that Bosco just wants to be a normal person, doesn’t want to fight, but the School of Sacred Swords have given him a lot of pressure.

On the other hand, we find out that Sharon saved Kevin when he fell into the water in episode 13. Sharon was lured to the water when hearing Kevin’s mother’s melody. Kevin is really grateful towards her, but Sharon insists that its his mother who had saved him, or she was repaying his mother back for saving her in the past. Kevin also knows how to play that tune (that his mother knew) that heals Sharon and offered to play for her to make her better. Sharon’s internal injuries have gotten worse and is unable to play the melody out herself to heal herself. Sharon tries to convince Kevin to join the Bloody Shadow Clan because they share the same enemy but Kevin refuses because he doesn’t want to get involved. He only wants to avenge his mother’s death but doesn’t want to hurt his friends at the School of Sacred Swords. Upon hearing this, Sharon gets really angry and told him to leave or else she would kill him. As he prepares to leave, Sharon’s internal injures arise again and Kevin helps her take her back to her room and plays the tune for her all night to make her feel better.

The next morning, Sharon was surprised that Kevin had stayed and helped play the tune all night for her. She asks him why since he doesn’t owe her anything anymore. Kevin tells her that he wants to stay to help her get better; not doing it out of duty to repay ^^ Even if she wants to kill him, he says that he still gained a few days. Sharon happily lets him stay. ^^

Sharon finds Bosco and tells him to stop acting, and once again threatens to hurt those he cares about if he won’t come back to her. Bosco insists that she kill him first, and the angered Sharon gives him one more chance to think about it. If the next time she doesn’t get a response she wants to hear; she will kill him.

Bernice’s father overhears Bosco and Sharon’s conversation and realises Bosco’s true identity.

2 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 15”

  • kes says:

    great epsiode review..
    I really want to see it.. but I’ve lost my source meaning I can’t it anymore.

    anyway… I do’t like how bosco is hurting Bernice even though its for her best… I hate when ppl does this…. using love/betrayel.

    anyway.. it’s great that you’ve update the epsiode review


  • ellenkam says:

    Thanks for the update, i am just wondering when we can see the review on next episode .
    Can’t wait to see that !!!

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