March 2007

[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 17

This episode turned out better than I had imagined in the sense that Bosco did manage to make it in time to save his sister Sharon, and Bosco, Sharon and Kevin reunite. Bosco finally realises the evil person Bernice’s father is, and Bernice is starting to see it for herself too. Kevin uses Bernice as a hostage against Sacred Swords, so they were able to escape, and the three went to find Shirley to save Sharon because she was attacked by Bernice’s father. Her injuries have gone very serious and Shirley promised to try convince her father to help her.

Based on the fake information Bosco sent to his sister, Sharon heads off to kill Bernice’s father and Kevin tries to stop her, telling her that she will die. He plans to take her to see Shirley to heal her, but Shraon said she’ll go anywhere with him after she defeats him. Since Sharon kept insisting, Kevin said he’ll go too, to help weaken.

Sharon ends up hitting Kevin in the back, making him faint because she doesn’t want him to die, and leaves by herself.

Because Bernice’s father was ready for Shraon, having worn the special armour and planned a deadly sneak attack on Sharon, she gets badly injured, but luckily Bosco came in time. Even then, Bosco was no match for him and eventually, Kevin comes in taking Bernice as hostage (he saw her on the way after he woke up) and they manage to escape.

Shirley tries healing Sharon, but she is deeply poisoned. An oridnary person would have died, but because Shraon has strong powers, she is able to hang on for a few days. The only hope they have left the leader of the Sky One Tribe (her father), but Shirley says that its their tribe rule that they won’t heal people from the outside; but they want to give it a try. Its their last hope.

The two talk how they are glad that even though all these bad things have happened, they are still good friends (when they thought they would turn out to be enemies the last time they saw each other)

Bosco ends up asking Kevin about his sister Sharon, and he admits their relationship ^^ Bosco asks when he can call him brother-in-law, and Kevin says that because he is older than him, he can always call him younger-brother =)

At this moment, Sacred Swords announces to everyone Bosco’s identity and plans to use Bosco’s mother and brother as hostage to lure him out. Bosco’s mother and brother also gets captured (being related to Bosco and his identity) but Bernice releases them. The two escape and find Wayne, but the three do not know where Bosco, Kevin and Sharon are. Nevertheless, Bernice’s father cotinue to spread out the fake news, making Bosco think they were still captured by him.

Bernice saves Bosco’s brother and mother

The lady tells Bosco of the ‘news’ about his mother and brother’s situation. Even though they know its a trap, Bosco can’t not go to save them…

Bosco tells Kevin that he come back safely to attend their (Kevin and Sharon) wedding.

Shirley tells Bosco how he saved her when they were small and that she likes him. Shirley take Kevin and Sharon to Sky One Tribe to seek for help in healing her while Bosco goes to save his mother and brother.
Wayne, Bosco’s mother and brother want to find Bosco so he won’t fall in their trap but cannot contact him. Eventually, Wayne thinks of a plan and that was to write on pieces of cloths to warn him that its a trap. One the day; Wayne, Booco’s mother and brother standing up in a high position starts throwing the strips into the city, with the help of the right wind. Who would have thought that Bosco does not end up seeing it and falls for the trap T_T

Wayne trying to look out for Bosco, hoping he won’t appear.

Wayne ends up coming out to protect Bosco against Bernice’s father who wants to kill him off.
The battle between Wayne and Bernice’s father was really cool, but it was very sad because somehow I knew Wayne was going to die for Bosco…Wayne cared so much for Bosco; he used his last strengths and power to fight Bernice’s father, but his body could no longer hold itself and he dies… T___T watching the flashbacks of the time he and Bosco were together made me feel really sad.. I always like ‘Si Fu is always right’, but disappointed that Bosco didn’t believe him..Its like Wayne was fated to die for Bosco because Bosco does not end up seeing the strips of writing on pieces of cloths..One piece had fell on him..if only he had looked..and not thrown it away…

Flashbacks of the times they had together..

2 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 17”

  • abcdTVB! says:

    gotta luv this ep out of the whole series…

    hate shirley… pshhh… always in bernice’s an bosco’s way grr.. hate that…

  • Andy Yeow says:

    where that i can download this movie ?

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