March 2007

[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 18

Shirley along with Kevin and Sharon arrive at the Sky One Tribe to seek for help, but it is the tribe’s rule of not saving anyone from the outside.

Shirley’s father checks Sharon’s pulse and tells them that she is seriously injured and cannot be saved.

Shirley begs her father to save Sharon but he is not willing to break the rules for her.

Kevin wants to take Sharon to find someone else who can heal her, but Sharon tells him that she rather stay at the One Sky Village. She feels that she doesn’t have long to live and is happy she is able to spend her last days with him.

Sharon and Kevin join the other tribe people in their celebration event.


When Sacred Swords find out that they have escaped into the Sky One Tribe, they plan to attack the tribe for them going back on their words for inteferring with Wulin matters because they have ‘helped’ the Blood Shadow Clan by taking in the Blood Shadow Clan’s leader, Mok Mun (Sharon). It was pretty much his excuse..its obviously wrong to break their agreement withouting vestigating further because Shirley’s father didn’t heal Sharon..Bernice’s fathergathers the 7 groups for their meeting and discusses this matter

Bernice’s godfather tries to prevent the action from going ahead, but Bernice’s father takes control and basically degrades him in front of everyone, saying he doesn’t have the right to speak. Bernice’s father then concludes no one has any objection to the idea, and if they do, they are a suspect of defending for the bad guys. Its like, geez, why call on the meeting if he’s unwilling to hear other’s opinion on the view. Its like he’s just commanding them to do what he says..

Bosco and his brother and mother arrive safely at the One Sky Tribe.

Sharon gets extrememly weak and Bosco goes to beg Shirley’s father to save her but he wouldn’t.
In order to save Sharon, and not having Bosco leave to take revenge, Shirley makes Bosco drunk and then sleeps with him, so that now he is one of their people. Since he is one of their people, then so is his sister Sharon is as well. I’m a bit disturbed by what Shirley did..its supposedly for a good cause..but i just feel its wrong for her to do something like that. Feels like she’s just being selfish and just wants Bosco to herself.. there was also this very evil-ish music in the background..feels like she’s not doing it out of purely wanting to help Sharon…its so..unfair to Bosco..Bosco being the guy he is tells her that he’s not going to neglect her (if that’s the word).

In order to test Bosco’s love for Shirley, Shirley’s father tests them with a punishment- and that was having Bosco get pushed of the cliff. Bosco is powerful enough to release himself but does not want to, because all he wants is for them to save his sister. He doesn’t care if he dies as long as they would Sharon. Shirley tells him she wants to die with him, and Bosco kisses her on the forehead. Seeing Bosco loves his daughter, Shirley’s father releases them and tell him they will try their best to heal Sharon.

Sharon getting healed~ They successfully heal her pass the first level.

Bernice witnesses her godfather’s death.

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