March 2007

[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 3

In short, a few points for this episode:

*Bosco overhears his mother and brother’s conversation and realises that he is not blood related to them. However, he still does not know about his true past.
*The new students continue to learn more techniques.
*Sharon makes her first appearance !! I think she looks quite pretty here..

While Kevin is resting on the iced-stone (like that of Retun of Condor Heroes by Jing Yong), flashback is shown. Played by the little boy Jacky Wong, Kevin’s character said his mother had told him that when the purple crystal shone, he would find his mother if he followed the light; but never did.

The purple crystal reacted and he left into the direction of the light in hope to find her. However, he was disappointed to find it was just the reflection of the moon. At that moment, Sharon suspiciously runs by and he follows.

The whole time, Kevin didn’t end up saying anything. He just looked back at her. Attracted by her charm.

I just can’t imagine them hugging each other there like that..hahaha.. this was Kevin’s punishment when they found out he wasn’t sleeping on the iced-stone (had sneaked out), and Bosco attempted to help him out of the situation making both of them being punished.

4 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 3”

  • brisk says:

    i think that sharon really shines in this series

  • Michelle says:

    how come I go crunchy roll to watch the last part where u ‘ve described the first meeting between Sharon & Kevin but its not like what you’ve described. After he hears the music she plays to heal her injury, he dashes out but was joined by Bosco. Then together they were caught by their 1st senior disciple….. ??? where can i get this scene. is it really epi 3?

  • KTVB says:

    To Michelle: I’m not quite sure what scene u’ve seen (since its been a while since I’ve finished watching Devils Disciples), but I’m pretty sure the screencaptures I’ve posted above is from Episode 3..maybe the part you’ve seen is when Kevin has actually met Sharon yet..and only heard the music

  • Michelle says:

    I think crunchyroll skipped some episodes de… then some epi is in cantonese, some in vietnamese. Do you know where i can get epi 3 ? i wanna watch that scene so romantic… nice 😛
    Nice job, very clear screencaptures luv ’em, thanks …

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