In these episode, the Sacred Sword disciples continue to learn some more techniques. Didn’t really mention it before but I think the group of disciples that got accepted are quite funny together. I like watching them interact and how they look out for one another even though three of them a quite silly.

Learning pins attack.

Learning drum-beat techniques. The drum-beats were about to create hallucinations. Interestingly, Bosco saw the birds which surrounded his birth place; ones with the evil clan. Also the bird (or is it a crow?) which took him away. These crows are also found flying outside of the place Sharon stayed.

Bernice helping Bosco with the drumming.

Learning speed moves.

Eating food and finding a cockroach on it. Such randomness XD

Bosco teaching Bernice how to eat a Beggar-chicken.

A very powerful green creature appears, killing the Wulin’s heroes. The School of Sacred Swords try to eliminate it, so they sent the ‘top male student'(I’ll refer him as ‘Sword Brother’ from now on. Not sure what else to call him hehe..) leading more disciples to go on the important mission of defeating it. The guy loved Bernice but she did not return his love. Seeing her get along with Bosco so well and cared for him alot, he took the opportunity to put Bosco in danger by bringing him along too. He even got Bosco to go in the cave and do the task of shooting it with these special arrows. In the previous episodes, Bosco had saved the green creature before so the green creature ended up healing Bosco when he was injured. In the end, the green guy captured the Sword Brother..haha, he deserved it..I don’t really like watching the green creature..hope the story moves on to the real villains soon..
On the other hand, Kevin managed to find Sharon and the relationship between Sharon and his mother is revealed. The mystery behind Kevin’s mother is interesting. I wonder who trapped her there; I wonder who she really is; ..why at the School of Sacred Sword? Maybe its Bernice’s did Kevin know to get in Sacred Sword to search for her?I look forward to watch more and find out about that =)

I think its very interesting how Bosco being the son of the evil clan couple is brought up to be a good guy and accepted as a disciple of the Sacred Sword; those how have forced his parents to die..I wonder when Bosco would meet Sharon.

3 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 4-5”

  • kim says:

    hey, i just found your site by accident, when i was searching for pics of this series. i’m watching it & reviewing it right now too. i sort of borrowed the series’ poster picture because i couldn’t find it somewhere else, i’m gonna save it onto my other computer & upload with my own hosting when i manage to get on the OTHER one (( my sister is hogging it )) i like ur dedication to take all the screen caps & stuff.. but i’d really put a code on it to keep people (like me) from stealing it or if you want them to take it!! i think ur almost better than SPCNET!! i’d choose you any day. lol we should collab. lol (: well take care. off to read more spoilers for this series. ((oh & i think i can start translating chinese names into viet names))

    fung – phong
    xiao – tieu
    luk – luk (: lol

  • KTVB says:

    HI Kim ^__^
    I’m still wondering if I should put some writing on the screencaptures (that’s what you mean by code yeh?) Was sorta hoping people would be nice enough not to steal ^^; But if it does come to that..then yeh. Might have to.

  • Mad says:

    Just wondeirng if anyone has the full cast list… including the other students/teachers.

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