So the cockroach scene isn’t that random after all! As a result, Bosco’s brother and mother are now also at the School, working as cooks there, so I think they would have more screen time. The more people at the School of Sacred Swords; the more things can happen; the merrier! They are bound to cause more problems too. Wayne has also accommodated himself at the school by pretending to be an innocent old man who needs to be protected.
I think its so cute how they were all teasing Bosco about Bernice. You just know that if Bosco’s brother (played by Johnson Lee) hears/sees ‘things’, its bound to spread..Bosco is so cute when he’s shy!~ Bosco’s brother also sets up a little 2 day trip for them to play in town (excluding Kevin who rejected the offer); one in which was looking through an ‘mysterious’ ground where they would see the person they like. Out of curiosity, Bernice sneaked out at night to see for herself, and she ends up seeing Bosco (who in fact was Bosco who had fainted, as planned by his brother).

Being jealous at Bosco again, the ‘Sword brother’ injures Bosco and Bernice comes to stop him.

Sharon ended up luring the ‘Sword Brother’ to take in her deadly poison/perfume.

Wayn’e new disguise as an old man.

Wayne does not like the head of Sacred Swords and suggests that he is not as righteous and heroic as he appears. I was right ^^ The green creatures has been killed by Bernice’s father by using sneaky attack and taking advantage of his weakness by using his son to lure him out and and some eclipse thing which weakened him.

Shirley makes her first appearance in episode 7 when Bosco randomnly walks by her tea store. She looks pretty here but doesn’t really leave much of an impression on me.

Sharon’s quite nice to Kevin and helped him by directing him to find his mother. There Kevin hears his mother’s voice calling out to him trapped in some mountain and is unable to rescue her.

The Bloody Shadow Clan is rising and the new leader is revealed to be Sharon~ This is so cool. Not unpredictable but I like where the story is heading.

Thinking back to when she was 13 years old, the leader of the Scared Swords along with a group of people destroyed her hometown and her people. She swore to bring them down for what they have done. This really reminds me of Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion where he tried to destory everything that was left from the Bloogy Shadow Clan. All those innocent people killed!! And they call themselves the “good” people..

I don’t really like Kevin’s character. He actually asks Bosco to give up in competing for being selected to learn the ultimate 7-person technique because he doesn’t want to hurt Bosco. I just feel that sounds unfair to Bosco…

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