March 2007

[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 8

oo..this is interesting, more of the past is shown and this time Anne and Michael actually talk, and we find out that the two eventually jumped off because they were poisoned by Bernice’s fathers’ deadly attack..more of Bernice’s father’s ‘dark, ugly‘ side is revealed

[Back at the present time] When he flew down where Anne and Michael had jumped off, I didn’t expect him to find their graves! I was hoping that 20 years later there wouldn’t be any remained of their bodies. I was really scared he would find something Actually, I had hoped the two didn’t die even though the chances of that is very unlikely ..I was actually quite shocked to see what he saw: 2 graves, engraved with words by their daughter!! He now knows that their daughter is still alive and even encounters Sharon there. I’m quite relieved she was able to escape though (she must be quite powerful).

The Sacred school people have also found the Bloody Shadow Clan’s hideout; but luckily most of them have evacuated already. Instead, they were faced to fight Corpses which didn’t seem to die easily. It was at the hideout that the Sword brother had realised he had been poisoned by the smell from Sharon and would soon be under her control. He eventually confronts her and she reveals her true nature to him though its already too late for him.

With the Bloody Shadow Clan arising, Bernice’s father has decided to learn the ultimate 7 person technique and would choose the best one out of the seven new disciples to take on the final position. It appears that Wayne is also very interested in the technique and at first thought Bernice’s father was going to get the 7 new disciples to learn it, but instead, Bernice’s father is also taking part of it. For the first speed match, I think it looked like Kevin was in front of Bosco, but instead Bernice said that Bosco had won the match. For the second round, the 7 had to stand up on a mountain and transmit a poetry to Patricia, whichever she heard first would win. Seeing that Kevin had would have won, Wayne used some technique and blew his one aside so Bosco’s sound transmission should have reached Patricia first. But at the end, Patricia had still announced Kevin the winner. it leaves me a bit confused..

Bernice’s father suspecting Wayne and injures him to see if he knew how to fight back. Luckily Wayne didn’t, but got quite injured..I really don’t like Bernice’s father…makes me hate the School of Sacred Swords.. I sort of hope the Bloody Shadow Clan can get their revenge on him and hopefully Bosco can see what kind of person Bernice’s father really is..

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  • kim says:

    i knew eddie ko couldn’t go through a whole series, not showing a “DARK SiDE” lol (: he’s a good bad-guy though

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