In the final match, Bosco wins Kevin as Kevin suddenly loses focus midway and it turns out the pill Bosco had given him to save his life earlier was not ready yet so having a negative affect on him, even though it increased his strength. I felt sorry for Kevin there.. feels so slack to him and unfair even though both Wayne and Bosco did not know of the negative side effects back then and had no intentions. With the help of Shirley, Kevin was healed. At least Kevin found out the real reason rather than blaming himself by saying how useless he was etc. Bosco promises Kevin he will help find his mother though so I think Kevin shouldn’t be too upset about it.
We also learn more about Wayne and his past and why he was interested in the ultimate-7-person-attack. It was something his Master and fellow disciples had attempted to learn which caused them all to die while learning it (perhaps not-yet understanding the secret behind it). In the end, Bosco promised Wayne that they would communicate with him through a message pigeon about the technique as Bosco enters with the other 6 to start their training.

Shirley chasing after Wayne, asking him to return the pill he had stolen (one given to Kevin) from the [Sky One Tribe]. The people there don’t know how to fight.

Shirley healing Kevin’s injuries

Kevin on the other hand continues to try to rescue his mother and he gets help from his fellow disciples =) However, in the end he was unable to but they have realised where she was situated: in the back where the 7 are training for the Ultimate attack.

At the end I feel sorry for Bosco !! Having been accepted into take part in learning the ultimate7-person-technique, Bosco is unable to get the first part right when he gets injured due to a mysterious pressure point that didn’t allow him to release his power (that Wayne found in him).
I’m guessing the thing in Bosco that has stopped him from learning the attack has got something to do with his past. Perhaps the pressure points were hit into him at birth.. Either way, Bernice’s father has decided not to let Bosco continue and swapped him with Kevin. Bosco and Wayne must of been really disappointed. In the end, Bosco was not able to take part. Somehow I’m relieved though because according to Wayne; learning the move is very dangerous and can ultimately kill those involved..

Kevin took on the opportunity and accepted his role. While he was there; he happened to find his mother in some cave. Unfortunetly when he reached out to her, he couldn’t touch her…she wasn’t real..

2 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 9-10”

  • kes says:

    a good serie… I like the fact that Sharon is ‘evil’ and it seem like everyone are caring a secret..

    What I don’t get is bernice’s costume.. it looks like a male costume!
    I find shirleys costume very cute and simple, why don’t they give bernice a nice one too?

    oh and btw.. nice site ^^


  • KTVB says:

    Yea..Bernice’s costume looks boy-ish..actually her character in there appears more masculine than feminine but I wouldn’t call her a tomboy. Maybe it really is the costume that makes her appear that way. Or maybe its just me =P

    I find her costume has some resemblance to those of the other Sacred Sword People (similiar colours)..maybe that’s why,,

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