I just finished reading an article at TVBMusings on his interpretation of the ending, leaving me feeling shocked! 0___0 *eyes wide-opened* It seems to make perfect sense in the situation! I don’t know if that was TVB’s intention or whether the random finding just happens to fit in as well…but one point I think put the pieces together in my mind was that Tavia never confirmed or told Bosco about her being pregnant. Bosco seemed to assume this, and even I wasn’t really convinced when I watched it because Tavia never admitted it herself. The sudden years later and Tavia and Bosco getting back together was a bit rushed too. We don’t see how/why they got back together… Even though I refuse to believe Jessica had given birth to Michael’s baby, its still a possibility. If Jessica was really pregnant for the first year, that must mean she didn’t send any postcards/photos back then… Having Bobby carry the baby would be more symbolic too…OR this had fitted together by chance and Jessica really did leave just to get away..I like to think its the latter ^^

2 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Ending- Different interpretation?”

  • Mel says:

    well i remembered reading off a different site that there was apparently an unfilmed part to Dicey Business due to the busy schedule. There was suppose to be a seen where Jessica waits for Micheal to come out of jail, but i’m not 100% sure…. 0__0 so maybe this all has to do with the unfilmed ending????

  • KTVB says:

    That would be weird….I don’t want Jessica waiting for Michael!! XD

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