December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 1-2

The story is catching my attention from the start ^^ starting from the themesong by Hacken Lee and the themevideo~

So far, Jessica is my favourite character~ she’s absolutely one hilarious gambling-addict. The clothes she wears and the way she acts is so funny..ehehee. She simply really loves the casino xD and bringing a red underwear with her for good luck lol I think the Jessica we see is different to her usual roles and its quite refreshing ^^

Michael’s character appears so cool!  He can look so scary at times (can really play a villain), yet other times appear like a really nice person (and I mean genuinely~ unlike John Chiang’s character in “Face to Fate”) In either situations I still like his character ^^ I like watching the interaction between him and Bobby. Looks like they are reallly good friends, great buddies..but something will happen in the story and I still do hope their friendship will be there rather than going against each other.

Bobby plays the funny sort of character, but feeling sorry for him already been constantly beaten up..especially that part where Michael lured him out- his best buddy, to let him get beaten by that guy so to keep that guy happy…Bobby is also ok with it because he believes he owes a lot to Michael but still…I wouldn’t feel very happy if I was Bobby..and doesn’t Michael feel guilty? =\

I think the story is interesting in that Bobby has been cursed of losing every game he plays, and because of this Michael hired him to bring bad luck to the gamblers..the idea sure is interesting..I also think it’s quite funny how the two gambled; whether Jessica would leave the Casino after wining/losing money or not XD

3 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 1-2”

  • chibi says:

    The series starts off well with these two episodes, looking forward to more. I agree, Jessica is refreshing, funny and dopey like; Michael looks cool as always and Bobby, well- has his stomach grown? XD

    Either way, great cast. Tavia’s chest is still annoying…seriously, it’s like she has to show it off.

  • KTVB says:

    ^^; I think they like to emphasise Tavia’s chest size, and Bobby’s stomach size.

  • :O!!!!! He’s stuck in the car trunk!!!!! Bobby is stuck in the car trunk!!!!!

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