December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 11-12

Feel so bad for Tavia and her top falling off while she was performing..Still a bit weird how the contest is run by the Casino people..Looks like Bosco has a crush on Tavia already~ he ran to find her after the incident, but when she bumped into him, she was too upset to talk to him.
The part where Michael takes Jessica flying and where Jessica tells him to touch wood, they talk about Jessica’s past..I’m not quite sure what happened. Was Jessica’s parents death caused by her? Or was she blaming herself for not “touching wood?” Did Michael pretend he had an accident while flying to prove his point or was the accident for real?
That man in jail (bold guy watching TV) is so freaky..his facial expressions and tone in voice..
I feel so sorry for Jessica!! Michael is so mean >< He slept with her then dumped her. Even though it seemed like he wanted to step out of the relationship because Benz told him that feels that Bobby likes Jessica.. Even after all that, I believe Michael really does love Jessica, but from her position he is so slack to her... =( a total player..Even after the auction when Jessica said all those words to him, he didn't do anything or say anything to her.. The truth comes out for the real reason and for whom has caused Bobby to lose his brother..I should have known..when I first saw that part (i.e the girl luring Youth-Cheung), I thought it was Youth-Chor who told her to do it to distract him; but when youth- Chor appeared and bashed him for kissing his girlfriend, Youth-Chor looked really angry; so I thought he didn't plan it.. I didn't quite understand..did Michael's character take little Bosco away at that time as well? If so, where did he take him to ? ? I think there may be more to the situation; that character played by Florence doesn't seem to be a very nice person...

4 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 11-12”

  • vivienne. says:

    heeys ^^; I’m a random person who just passed by your blog and thought I’d comment ’cause I super love Dicey Business x)

    I think Jessica blamed herself for the accident ’cause she said something “bad luck” before their trip but didn’t touch wood .___. or something like that~
    & Michael just pretended he had an accident to prove that it’s not Jessica who caused the accident which happened before~

    Haha I agree! the bold guy watching tv sounded so creepy.

    aand~ I don’t think Michael actually planned for Bosco to be kidnapped :/ hmm.. maybe though?

  • KTVB says:

    Hey Vivienne~ thanks for dropping by ur comments ^^

    I was just sorta confused because Michael asked “did your parents immediately hug you or did thye run away?” (not sure if he was just asking more about the situation or if he was implying something else)

    At first I thought Michael didn’t mean to caues Bosco to get missing, but in Michael’s conversation, it seemed like he did.

  • chibi says:

    the auction part was really hard to watch >

  • KTVB says:

    That guy with her at the auction doesn’t seem to do much to impress her =x

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