December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 13-14

So intense..so exciting…can’t bare to watch..but I’m addicted to this series.

After watching Episode 14 before hand, I know Jessica will be crushed T_T

Jessica and Michael are so cute together. Opposite personalities attract to one another. Even though Michael had ended their relationship in the last episode, he ends up falling for her again. The evil guy who is freed from 7 years of prison wants his revenge against Chor(Michael). He forces Michael to play poker against three of his people within one hour, holding his girlfriend (Jessica) as hostage. Within the time limit and the constant threats he had, Michael ends up cheating in the last 5mins and wins the game…..though knowing what happens in episode 14, that evil guy is being so cheap…argh!! I hope
Michael would be able to get rid of this threat..

~~~ Screencaps from Episode 13~~

Tavia hugs Bosco after she passes the test. The expression on Bosco’s face is so cute XD

Michael and Jessica Scene [talk over the phone]

Michael and Jessica Scene [ Getting back together]

Michael and Jessica going shopping

Jessica thinking about Michael and hugging a display figure

[The Threat]

[Michael wins the game]

3 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 13-14”

  • L.C says:

    OMG im in luv with this show….Michael and Jessica are just soo HOT togther!!…..its heartbreaking wen he dumps her the 2nd time around…..im confused did he dump her the 2nd time coz he was scared for her safety?..or just coz he didnt like her nomore?…..and i hope they will get back together ..coz they r just too cute >

  • KTVB says:

    Agree!!! XD

    I’m pretty sure he broke up with her because he didn’t want to put her in danger; he still loves her a lot. Before he goes to meet up with her, he says “Sorry, Qin Wan” =( To make sure she really stays away from him, it makes the extreme, and uses the so-called bet he made with Bobby as his reason, which is so untrue..

  • chibi says:

    >< Michael and Jessica look so good together and she's able to bring many smiles to his serious face. Although heartbreaking, I believe what he did was for the best...

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