January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 16

Bosco gets upset and hides under the blanket again. The dealer test in which he treasured so much has been cancelled because the teacher found a cheating tool in the room but was unable to catch Ronald (and
his bunch of friends) who had cheated so the lot was disqualified. Upon hearing this from Tavia, Bobby sticks up for Bosco and finds the Ronald guy. Surprisingly Bobby’s words seem to have an effect on the Ronald guy (he’s not as bad as I thought..he actually starts to feel bad) After getting hit and yelled at by Bobby, it seemed to have gotten through to him, and the Ronald guy goes to his father and pleads him to give everyone another chance. At the end, they did get another chance, and they make pass the test ^^ Tavia continues to suggest to Bosco that Bobby may treat him more than a brother which seems to scare him. I would be scared, Tavia shouldn’t keep doing that lol So misleading !

In this episode, there was a lot of focus on Jessica’s character, how she deals with her break up with Michael in which Bobby ends up being there to help her get back up. Later she deals with her inner-self, her past which shes has been trying to avoid . I think after this, Jessica’s character has grown stronger and has gained self-realisation =)
Jessica ends up getting the courage to open up the bag to find some of her clothes, dolls and a camera. After developing the photos~ it brought her to tears. They were photos of her and her parents on their
first day of their trip.

I wonder if Jessica’s family actually knew she didn’t go on a trip..they seem to know her too well and when she lies, but I feel happy for her for having such a family who cares for her so much. I would have to say the same to Tavia’s family. In this episode, Tavia’s parents are suggesting Bosco is a good boy for her. Her whole family seems to really like him, and Jessica’s family is suggesting they accept Bobby as part of their family XD cute.


Michael watches Jessica leave the Casino from a far distance.

On the bus, Jessica can’t help but cry

Bosco at Tavia’s home helping her with her studies for the
re-take test for becoming a dealer. Tavia’s parents really like Bosco.

Tavia’s little siblings also like Bosco asking im to play with them.

Jessica’s family tell Bobby of their concerns. Jessica has left,
leaving a short message for them saying she went on a trip. Bobby finds
her in his closet in his place in HongKong. Jessica has gone in
depression mode. Even though she broke up with Michael, she cannot
forget his words “you look really ugly when you gamble” making her not
wanting to gamble – her only source of being happy. She still cares.

Jessica torturing herself- acting like Bosco’s character at the
start. Bobby decides to be with her by doing the same thing and keeping
her company.

Jessica is sent to hospital from food poisioning by eatting
cooked food left over for weeks. After the chat, Jessica finally pulls
herself together. When she gets home, she sees the box with her
traveling bag since the accident when she was 12. She opens it up.

She develops the photos ..then introduces Bobby to her mum and dad

Jessica is back up. She has dinner with Bobby and her family and
thanks them all for looking after her for all those years ^^ She goes
around and kisses them all, including Bobby (but not on his face) xD

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