January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 17

This episode had 2 focuses. One was between Bobby and Bosco and the other being between Bobby and Michael.

I can feel Bobby and Bosco getting closer~that’s so cool~ Bosco seems to be feeling more comfortable as well, even offering Bobby to help out at the kitchen for breakfast and seems to talk more now but Tavia had to make it seem like something else by pointing out how they switched over shoes and the matching cups they had. I loved the scene where Bosco and Bobby were running away together after picking mangoes. Bosco starts to feel something for Bobby which leaves him confused. I find it pretty cute xD cause he didn’t like Bobby that much before, and found him annoying etc even though he knew Bobby was being nice to him. I love watching their brotherly love grow ^__^ (Bosco has great
chemistry with Michael, Jessica, Bobby and Tavia ! ) He ends up calling Jessica (these two haven’t talked in ages!) and asking for advise, telling her that “his friend” had always liked girls, but suddendly a guy held his hand today and he started growing feelings for him xD Later on at work, Bosco makes mistakes after seeing Bobby and looks shy when he sees him. Bosco even makes attempts to peek at Bobby through Tavia’s pocket mirror xD XD Gotta say Bobby does look way cool in his suit. I think Bobby’s character has changed a bit as well in the way he treats Bosco. He doesn’t seem to annoy him as much, giving him
personal space. Like, even at the Casino when Benz comments that Bosco’s been placed elsewhere, Bobby decides to let Bosco get used to the stuff.

On the other hand, things are getting intense. Bobby being the new survillience manager is catching on to the cheating by traitors and gamblers (people blackmailing Michael). Bobby is doing all he can to track them down, while Michael is trying to prevent him from knowing the truth. Bobby is put in danger; Michael doesn’t want Bobby to be involved, at the same time, Michael seems to be angry that the boss is favouring Bobby over him. Their previous relationship seem to have amended, but then this problem arises….things are getting complex, even the guy who is always with Michael was a traitor, Michael is feeling the pressure. He hates the situation he is in so much. He even ended up throwing and pushing the trophies he previous won and treasured so much onto the floor out of anger and frustation..Michael ends up trying to get rid of Bobby, first by trying to convince him for job elsewhere; next scheming the new security system to shutdown to show he is incapable for the job…><

Michael’s character is startnig to change slowly..I hope he doesn’t end up using Bosco against Bobby~

~~Other Screencaptures~~

Jessica nags Bobby to give her $2000HK so she can enroll in a photography class. Bobby then asks her to pull a ghost face XD hhahaha~~ so hilarious XD

2 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 17”

  • Zelnox says:

    ;_; I want to watch this. I don’t think it’s translated yet >_<

  • chibi says:

    I agree, very good chemistry between Bosco and Bobby…

    The suspense is driving me CRAZY!! ><

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