January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 20

Bosco trying to make Tavia’s brother and sisters guess which hand has the thing.

Bosco fails to trick the kids…ehhee~ Bosco is just too innocent

Tavia grabs Bosco to pick clothes with her.

Guess Ronald didn’t take Bosco’s request seriously..instead it looks like another opportunity to make fun of her; all of the people were really slack to her. I can’t believe Tavia would go do the dance thing and make a fool of herself so she can gain popularity..if I were her, I would have left right away. They made her do her topless incidence twice…It was so obvious that girl is putting her down..poor thing =[ The other sad thing is, Tavia still wants to go after him..

Tavia’s ‘date’ with Ronald guy. So lame how that gil takes her seat and Ronald started driving away before Tavia even got in the car..geez..that’s so mean..wouldn’t even call that a friend.

Bosco goes to comfort Tavia.

Tavia does not find out that it was Bosco who had asked Ronald to go out with her. Thank goodness. Though Tavia still blames him for not wishing her luck.

Tavia asks Bosco how can you make a guy like a girl. Bosco says that if he likes someone, he will like them from first glance. (ehehe~~ hint hint Tavia!! XD)

Tavia says that its unfortunate that he is gay or probably a lot of girls would like him, including herself.

Tavia asks Bosco to piggy-back her.

Looks like the bald guy is sucking up to the other guy; Michael trying to gain his favour as well. Maybe Michael can get out of the mess through him? On another note, the girl on the right looks like some other dealer at the casino..

From Bosco’s advice, Tavia tried Plan B. can you guess what it is? XD

Michael tells Bosco to practice deceving people, and tells him to try convince a man to believe that a certain set of lotto numbers is the actual one.
Bosco fails..

yay! Jessica is back on scene! So glad Jessica found Bobby (how did he land from Phillipines to China? Is it really that close?) , but seems like she’s still trying to defend Michael by stopping and delaying Bobbby from going back to Phillipines…*sigh* Bobby is in such a dangerous position…

Jessica taking photos while doing volunteering

After lyingin hospital for months, a miracle occurred when Jessica cleaned his face (drawings done by the litte kids all over his face). Bobby opens his eyes..

Jessica finds out about the situation..

Bosco watches Tavia trick a women the lotto figures as Michael had asked, and she succeeds.

Bosco asks Tavia to give back the money to the women. Tavia says that Bosco was very manly and once again states how unfortunate he was gay, and he replies that he isn’t. Tavia said that Bosco was good at deceiving because for that moment it seemed like he was saying the truth (hahah..sure..as if Bosco can lie..he was being honest. He isn’t gay..wonder when Tavia will find out)

Bobby is angry that Jessica is in his way and delaying him from reuniting with his brother, lying to him with excuses.

Bobby requests that she give him money so he can try sneak back to Philiopines himself.

Jessica blurbs out that Bosco has accepted Michael as his master and he’s really happy.

I thought Jessica was helping him for real here, until the weird silly music came on while Bobby was on the boat -___- I wonder when will Bobby make it back…

3 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 20”

  • chibi says:

    Thank goodness Jessica found Bobby, but somewhat disappointed that still no one believes what Bobby is saying about Michael… Jessica should stop defending Michael so much…really, Bobby has done everything for Jessica and yet she’s stil delaying him and wasting his time =(

    Hope all goes welll…

    I think Tavia was pretty stupid in this episode..clearly being made fun of and still continues to make fun of herself to entertain others… why is being popular so important to her?

  • alicechen says:

    Through the sc….Bosco seems so cute while Tavia is just plain dumb! haha

  • KTVB says:

    That Ronald guy thinks Tavia is pretty “dumb” overall, which is why he said he wasn’t interested in her.

    Still feel sorry for her though; doesn’t look like she has any friends except Bosco

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