January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 22

This episode left me with mixed feelings.. pride, sorrow, depressing, and touching..Its a moment of truth!! Bobby finds the courage to tell Bosco his past and who he really is!!

So happy for Bosco for winning!! =D Must of been his first ever yet greatest achievement for him. Great that everyone was there to witness the last game (except poor Jessica who was locked up), and he won fair-square because he was not able to see the shuffling of cards, thus the ability to memorise the cards…he did end up tricking his opponent (and everyone else in the audience it seems) to gamble the rest of his chips =) I hate it how Michael is being a two-face, appearing to really care about Bosco, but then scheme for him to lose. I am still a bit confused though, did Michael actually want Bosco to win (because he geniuninely wanted him to win but failed to let him memorise the cards because of pressure from the bald guy)? or simply using him to win, to make the bald guy in huge debt? (sounds more like the second one actually) =\ Was he counting on Bosco to win it?
Its sorta sad watching Bosco protect and thank Michael for everything when he was the one using him..I used to like all the main characters a lot…now everytime Michael does something ‘good’/appear to be caring etc seems to make me more angry because it all seems to be a lie to decieve people!!
Poor Bosco!! Why did he have to protect Michael~~Couldn’t he at least hear their conversation instead?~ The again, there’s already too much going on in his mind, not sure how he would take it knowing so much, but I rather he find out what Michael is really like..
That guy who threw snakes and rats onto the bald guy and burying him alive is so much worse than the bald guy, he’s too disgusting and inhuman!!…seems like he and Michael will be the real evil guys in the story now..what I found strange was who threw the bald guy out of the car after he was buried. Did someone save him? My first instinct was Florence but I sorta doubt it after some thought. Why would the people who buried him, unbury him again? odd.. was the guy just trying to show Michael the price of betrayl? Will he still use him against Michael in the future?

I do believe Florence’s character can help Bobby in the future and that she’s actually rich as she says she is~

~~Screencaps and Moments~~

Once again, Jessica’s family members prove to be really nice people..you can always count on them.

On the day of the finals, Michael delays Bosco from seeing the shuffling of cards.

Jessica trying to stop Bobby from finding Bosco because he doesn’t want him to get caught.

The two finalists: did they just assume Bosco was 25?

Bosco runs there, but he was too late. The shuffling was done; the game was ready to start. Bosco has gone very nervous throughout the game.

Michael spots Bobby in the audience. He didn’t seem pleased at all – you don’t call that he pruposely tried to kill him the first time??

The first person Bosco thanks is Michael. He does not realise Bobby is there.

Bosco drunk with his trophie XD

Jessica comforts Bobby

Bobby gets arrested..

Bosco thinks back at what Bobby had said and the feelings he had felt before..he realises Bobby really is his brother.

Protecting Michael, Bosco gets stabbed by the bald guy.

Buried the bald guy alive.

Jessica and Benz tell the prisoned Bobby that Bosco is seriously injured and that he could die

8 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 22”

  • chibi says:

    erm…this seris is getting ugly.. Michael is always up to things.

    The part with the rats and snake was really grossing…

  • groovy says:

    This episode made me feel really bad at the brothers, Bobby especially.

    The scene where Bosco went off and hugged Michael Miu(rather intimately LOL XD) was very painful for Bobby who was watching!

  • yay says:

    they buried the bald guy, and then pulled him back out so then they wouldn’t get in trouble. if someone reported the bald guy missing, and the police found him there, michael and the other guy would be in trouble. so they left him there til he went crazy, and then dumped him in the streets so it looks like he was just some crazy dude that was doing heroin.

  • Daniel says:

    I have not seen this part yet and the download site has been cut off.

  • KTVB says:

    To yay: oo..I guess that makes sense. Thanks for that ^^

    To Daniel: hope this could be of some temporary substitute for u =)

  • Julyie says:

    HEY! What happened with Bosco ?!?!? He was alive?? not could die ???

    Please Answer me ! Thank you !

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