January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 23

Even though Bosco says he doesn’t blame Michael or Bobby for causing all the bad moments in his past, I still feel that Bosco likes Michael more and is more on his side than Bobby =( Bosco looked up to Michael ever since they met; he probably trusts him so much.. >__< I have a bad feeling Michael is going to ruin the brother's relationship and take Bosco to his side *sigh* I felt really sad for Bobby when he was in prison and he waited in line to make a phone call; he was probably dying to make the phone call. Nice to see two people let him jump the queue as he waited anxiously. Would have been so frustrating if Jessica didn't switch on her phone, but glad she did.. It was so sad to see Bobby being helpless; he really wanted to donate his liver for Bosco, but turns out that his one is not suitable and Michael's one does..that's so unfair. Michael and Bosco seem to be getting more closer, while Boso's relationship with Bobby is drifting further away..Michael says he's doing it jsut for Bosco~ but I can't tell if he is doing it out of geninue good nature or not. If he as before all the blackmailing occurred, I would believe that Michael is just being a really nice guy. When bobby first heard that Bosco needed a liver, he really wanted to donate his to save his brother, while it did take a while for Michael to make that decision. Bosco treats Michael as his saviour, but his liver got injured because of protecting Michael anyway..Bobby also does not know that Bosco was stabbed because of Michael in the first place- I wonder if that would make any difference in their relationship anyway. I'm happy that Jessica is by his side though, and Florence is here to help him. Sorta odd that she's so rich and stuff, but the first time you see her, she's drunk walking down the street. I guess she was just unhappy then and had body guards with her from afar. I wonder how much she had to pay to bail Bobby out. I wonder if she's actually also hiding something herself. Next episode its the court trial case. I wonder how Bobby can get out of it. ~~Screencaps of other Moments~~

[Bobby and Jessica at the Church Scene 1]

Bobby and Jessica folding paper cranes to wish Bosco the greatest luck. Jessica receives a phone call from Benz saying they found a liver for Bosco and they are overjoyed

I thought this part was sorta funny how Jessica asked if he thought it was comfy (when hugging each other) and they both said it was | contrast to their first hug at the Gambling Addiction Support in the early episode XD but Jessica coments that his head is a bit heavy and Bobby gives her a massage.

I thought I needed a screencap of Florence, so here she is! lol

[Bobby and Jessica at the Church Scene2]

Jessica tells Bobby that it was Michael who had offered to donate his liver to Bosco.

[Bobby and Jessica Church Scene 3]

Jessica receives a phone call from Benz saying that the operation was successful.
Bosco calls Bobby, but their conversation was awkward.

Michael apologises to Bosco about the past and getting the girl (young Florence) to distract Bobby causing him to lose him at a young age. Bosco says its all in the past. He cannot hate him anymore.

Tavia visits Bosco (I was wondering if she’ll appear at all =P) She gives him the cranes Bobby had folded for him. I think Tavia is sorta dumb to ask Bosco whether Michael left when he saw her coming was because of Ronald guy. I highly doubt it xD

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