January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 24

I can already see how easy it is for Michael to turn Bosco against Bobby. Bosco looks up to him so much. Like the early episode when Bosco first met Michael; no matter how much Bobby and Jessica tried to do or say to Bosco, it had no effect compared to Michael who had only said a few words to him. Bosco does not appear to be very happy that he can reunite with his brother *sigh* why not ? ? He’s just attached
to Michael =[ which really annoys me. Bosco does not seem to be interested in his family at all, or his identity. I thought Bosco used to really like Bobby as well, even having a crush on him before he was
accused of robbing the Casino. After not seeing each for months (when Bobby went missing), seems like their relationship just drifted apart.
When Florence said they found a witness, I knew it was too good to be true; but if it wasn’t for her, Bobby was sure to be put in prison. For that, I’m grateful to her. Bobby really was innocent. If Michael used those dirty tricks to accuse Boby, it is only fair Bobby gets out of the mess otherwise. Too bad Bosco finds out (because he believed Michael’s one sentence!! >_<;) Michael makes it seem worse too b saying "everyone" has been saying its Bobby's "friend" which is so untrue! Michael can make anything up and Bosco would believe him. Like,even if the witness was real, once Michael says that to Bosco, he would believe him right away. If Bosco asked Bobby whether it was true or not and Bobby denies, I doubt Bosco would believe him anyway. Things will bound to be bad between the brothers, but I just hope in the long run everything will be fine and all misunderstandings are cleared. Bobby was able to be freed, but Michael was not charged. There wasn't any evidence against him. On the other hand, Jessica and Bobby are going out ^^ Sorta already knew it was coming since they were getting so close, especially after Jessica found Bobby at the hospital. I thought it was cute how Jessica had told him that there was more things waiting for him to do, like go shopping together, go karaoke together etc I do fear though that what if Michael told Jessica the real reason he broke up with her (i.e the Blackmail) Would Jessica go back to him? I have a feeling she still likes him..So many episodes left, so much can happen. Ronald also "dumps" Tavia in this episode (was gonna use "breaks up with Tavia" but I think it doesn't describe the situation well enough), though I didn't really feel sorry for her because he's not worth it anyway. Hope to see more of Tavia and Bosco together... ~~Screencaps~~

[At the Court]

Benz blames Bobby for saying those things about Michael in court. [The truth]

[ Jessica and Bobby get-together Scene]

Bobby asks Jessica that if he loses the case, to promise to look after Bosco for him.. Jessica tells him that Bosco is his brother, he should wait til he’s free and go back and look after him himself. Jessica tells him there is still things waiting for him to do, and not to look as if he’s going to lose for sure. He still hasn’t reunited with his brother. ‘You don’t want him to visit you in prison. And
there’s more.’

Bobby: “There’s still more?”

Jessica tells him they haven’t gone shopping together, movies, dine out, sing karaoke, to the park, walked along the beach together, shared a cup of icecream, or tried singing a song for her at night, or
calling her every night to say goodnight..

Bobby:” How come I’ve suddenly got some many things to do?”

Jessica: “We haven’t even dated; you’re so dumb”

Jessica: “If you go to jail, who’s going to do all those things with me..?”

Bobby wins the case and they head back to Hong Kong.

Bobby overhears Florence’s conversation with the witness and turns out she bribed him.

Jessica and Bobby visit Bosco at the hospaital in Hong Kong. Michael
comes along, but then tells Bosco to go home with the other two. Bosco
doesn’t seem to want to.

[Ronald guy dumps Tavia]

3 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 24”

  • chibi says:

    What can I say, Im really disappointed in Bosco’s response and attitude to his brother and his history. Seriously, what is wrong with him? I just hate seeing the way Bosco is so distant and untrusting towards his own Brother, who clearly loves and cares for him. He’s soo childish.. I’m starting to dislike his character -.-”

    On the other hand, Bobby and Jessica =  <3

    Hope all goes well for them 

  • groovy says:

    I was feeling so terrible for Bobby after Bosco’s reaction when I watched this episode. But it can’t be helped. Bosco is like a kid trapped in an adults body. he’s attached to Michael right from the start, while with Bobby its like a complicated relationship LOL.

    Bosco can’t think critically like we do, from his POV Michael is the saint and Bobby is the culprit. Indeed its very painful to watch Bobby’s feeling being hurt again and again. Heck even Benz is fooled by the situation -_-..

    Jessica is cute LOL.

  • Richelle says:

    Y bosco so stupid believe Michael???SAD…lucky Bobby still hav jessica….

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