January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 25

This episode was quite pleasant. It was a bit more relaxing and light hearted, not heavily intense and it feels like I’m given some breathing space. I guess also because Bobby’s character is slowly getting back up with some luck. Bobby and Jessica go on their first date ^^Very cute and funny to watch =3 I always wondered what it would be like if they were dating because both of them are quite comical.
[At the airport: Bosco returns to Phillipines]

I think Bobby made the right choice to let Bosco go, since he will go anyway no matter what he might try to do. A little sad that he doesn’t respond to his real name. Probably because he wasn’t used to it, but somehow I reckon it looks like he is ignoring on purpose because even if a name isn’t calling you, you can still hear its Bobby’s voice.

Jessica suggested to go karaoke with him, then go eat seafood to get his mind off things. Bobby suggested to go on a date instead.

[Tavia’s House]

First thing Bosco goes when he gets to Phillipines is to visit Tavia to comfort her about the breakup with Ronald. Instead, he sees a happy Tavia. Tavia gives Bosco food to congratulate him on becoming a Pit Boss.I don’t really know if she’s considered in-character or not. That was a quick recovery.

Bosco’s working in his new position. Bosco’s character changed so much from his first appearance in the early episodes. When he spoke to the customers, he looked very confident, and spoke confidently; the other one wouldn’t even dare to look at them.

[Jessica and Bobby’s First Date!]

Bobby picks up Jessica at her place.

Jessica taking photos of Bobby at the Golden cup LOL. She said taking photos is what couples do on dates and since she’s a photographer, she’s taking the pictures.

At a high class restaurant Bobby wants to make it a special dinner because it is ther first date.. Jessica feels uncomfortable because they have to speak very softly. When using the cutlery, Jessica makes a screeching sound with her knife on the plate XD

Then Jessica drops her knife onto the floor

Bobby was about to get up, but almost knocks the table down.

Bobby pays the bill, and leave to find a more comfortable place to eat.

Bobby tells Jessica to slow down, because its supposed to be a romantic walk; not like run-a-ways. Jessica states she has gotten used to walking fast with him. Even Bobby states that they are funny because it doesn’t look like they are dating. Jessica blames it for knowing each other so well; it was hard to change and becoming his girlfriend. They start observing how other couples act.

Bobby buys a basket of flowes for her.

Bobby goes crazy and overjoyed after Jessica kisses him xD

Bobby kisses Jessica, showing another couple she is his xD

Their face expressions are priceless xD

[Bobby’s Place- Hot Pot]

I thought Benz was quite rude and direct when talking to Florence, but she seems to be a happy women who doesn’t take his words that seriously.

Michael gives a car for Bosco to use

[Michael finds out his competitior is Florence]

I think he must of been pretty shocked since he didn’t know her high ranked position, even previously throwing a cheque at her and telling her to get lost. She tells him that the cheque was so small he can have it back if he wants. Go Florence! =D

[Announcing the Competitiors in the Gambling Competition]

The last shot looks so cool.. xD I really hope that Bobby will win against Michael. If he does, he can get back what he lost and veen become the CEO of the lastest Casino in Asia!! He probably would have won him 20 years ago, but we don’t really know since he didn’t end up playing. We do know Bobby was unable to defeat Florence’s father-in-law who was rank 3 while Michael is only rank 11. Knowing Michael schemes so much and Florence’s father in-law not in well-condition and getting old, Michael would likely win. Wonder when did Bobby’s ‘bad luck’ start to fade off~ I hope Florence’s father-in-law can train him up!
Florence’s father-in-law reminds me of the other old women actress (not saying he acts like a girl). They seem to have similiar expressions (women who plays Charmaine’s master in LWOLAP). I hope to see Florence and her father-in-law’s relationship get better and that they can fulfil Florence’s husband’s wish and get the casino! ^^

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