January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 26

In this episode, Bosco confesses his love to Tavia and they officially go out. Bosco has changed so much..
I think this is the first time we see Michael finding out Jessica and Bobby’s relationship; or at least seeing it for himself.
I feel that Tavia is really cheap even though she doesn’t admit it. Even her parents say that about her too. She goes out with Michael’s ally because he bought her an expensive handbag. Doesn’t Tavia notice anything is wrong with reporting to Michael every single thing about Bosco, where he goes; what he thinks etc? With money, she’s even happier to do so. On another note, I wonder what Michael was trying to do? Doesn’t he trust Bosco? Does he think Bosco is on Bobby’s side? Since the reporting didn’t last that long, i still wonder what Michael was scheming. I sorta doubt he was doing it to make Bosco happy with Tavia by his side for most of the time. When I saw the trailer for this episode, I thought Michael paid Tavia to go out with Bosco instead lol

Towards the end of the episode, the gambling Competiton begins!! With an unlucky start, out of the 4 competitors, Bobby was in the same match as World’s Rank 4th. Bobby was just too nervous, and I don’t blame him since this is his first official match in a very long time. What was so embarrassing was how Bobby took out red underwear out of his pocket and wipped his face XD Jessica had previously stuffed it in his pocket, and when Bobby asked hwat it was, she said its a hankerchief; something of good luck. I very disappointed to find out Bobby had lost in his first round =( Awwww…..


[Jessica meets Michael’s mother while volunterring]

Michael drives Jessica back. When she gets out of the car, she sees Bobby who also ssaw them in the car.

Jessica tells Bobby she bumped into Michael . Jessica notices Bobby’s reaction and says that he’s jealous.
Bobby tells her he isn’t, because she is his girlfriend and he trusts her =)

Michael watches the two from afar.

[At the golf course] Bosco gets upset when seeing Tavia is hanging around that evil ally because he bought her an expensive handbag.

Bosco thought Tavia was going to tell him she wants to be his girlfriend.

Tavia forces Bosco to tell her what was one his mind. Bosco ends up telling her he had a crush on her since the first time they met, and liked her ever since.

Tavia thinks back the first time they met.

The top two competitors. World Rank 4 and 8.

ehhee ^^

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