January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 27

Omg…in this one episode, Michael loses everything! The first time you see Michael going down! He seems like a total loser now..the truth about robbing the casino comes out to his boss who no longer trusts him anyway. He also loses the competition and cannot proceed to the finals.
Very disappointed at Bosco. He has been fully influenced by Michael that he wants Michael to win his own brother! Even in all the rounds so far, Bosco watches Michael’s matches and not Bobbys’. When Bosco finds out about Michael robbing his own Casino, he still believed in him, and trusted he wouldn’t so such a thing. He even offered to help him win the competition by not taking his medicine and falling sick in hospital during the competiton to muck up Bobby’s mind. Despite this, Bobby overcomes it by calming down with the help of Jessica(if it wasn’t for her, he would have quit the competition to see Bosco in hospital).
YAY for Bobby!!! ^^ He won Michael!! I’m so proud of him !! At first, I thought that Bobby didn’t look like he would have what it takes to compete so well, but he gradually improves and picks up very well. Michael takes no hestisation to do whatever it takes to win to win Bobby. After seeing Bobby has become stable and into the game again, seeing Bobby has the least number of chips, Michael backs out in every single game afterwards by not following in the game. That’s so cheap; its like refusing the play so Bobby won’t have any chance of winning any chips from him. Luckily, the Japanese lady gives Bobby one last chance in their final game and plays with him, gambling quite big and eventually loses a big stack to him. I really like that Japanese lady contestant; she looks and acts so cool! ^^ Bobby and the Japanese lady ended up having more chips that Michael, causing Michael to lose out of the competition!!! He deserves it for being a coward in the first place. Even though the Japanese lady deliberately lost to Bobby so it would eliminate Michael out of the game (being the stronger competitor, she does not want to face Michael in the finals), I’m happy she helped Bobby^^

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