January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 29

Bosco, Michael and the other guy join and established an underground casino. Seems to have gone so successful, even attracting Florence’s father-in-law to gamble there, and ONISAC to lose out a lot of their business. It was good to see Bobby and Benz come to visit Ronald’s dad and they have their talks and apologies about the past. It does look like ONISAC would be going down. Michael used to be the CEO- in very good control (but robs the casino), Bobby was forced to quit (but now better off working for the going-to-establish ‘Galaxy Casino’), Benz and Bosco have also both resigned. With Ronald guy taking charge, I just don’t feel he would make it. I hope Ronald’s dad doesn’t die..
Bosco is such a meanie..Michael is such a jerk (both understatements lol)
The whole time I think Tavia really only cares about money and wealth. There’s been so many instances. Even in this episode, when Tavia gets angry that Bosco is not having dinner with her because of work, she’s all happy again when he gives her a card to spend and shop herself. Bosco gets really angry that Tavia bumps into Jessica and accidentally tells her that he is also at HongKong. It was quite freaky in the car and even turned on the loud-blasting music because he doesn’t want to listen to her. He later tries to cheer her up by taking her to “the place where he work” and continuing to hide everything else. I think I like Tavia’s realisation here because when she found out what Bosco was really doing and what a bad influence Michael was to Bosco, she didn’t want Bosco doing it anymore; pleading Michael to let Bosco go. Michael was so evil, he has continued to send money in her bank account and threatens to use it against her if she gets in the way, making Bosco hate her. He would tell Bosco that Tavia does not really love him; only after money. Poor Tavia~ He tells ehr to continue and be a “dumb women”. At least she knows what kind of guy Michael is, instead of constantly praising him. I have a feeling Bosco finds out that Tavia has been accepting money from Michael, so we get the wedding scene in the opening credits where Bosco walks away in their wedding day looking very angry at her.

Bosco has changed so much and quite extreme. Ek.

Its been 3 months; Jessica’s been with Bobby for that long. She knows clearly what kind of person Michael is; but still looks like she has feelings for him…WHY??? Don’t do anything silly Jess..

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