January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 30

I believe Bobby did the right thing in notifying the police of the Underground Casino Bosco, Michael etc had set up, even if it meant having Bosco hate him more. Is Bosco just completely blind..? When Bobby finds out, he confronts Bosco, but Bosco blames it back on him for his past and the suffering he had experienced (yet he is not angry at Michael). Bosco also tells Bobby that if he plans to call the cops, he’ll be the first one to stand forward and admit it (but when Bobby does; he ends up hiding and runing away with Michael..so much for that talk and trying to act cool)

Its so obvious Jessica still loves Michael. Another wrong move made by Jessica is taking the ring when Michael gave it to her. Jessica walks away with the ring..To make it clear to him, she should have just thrown it away, not accept it!

It was also very clear in this scene that Michael was more imprtant to Bosco than Tavia.

Jessica falls for Michael again *sigh..*

Sorta sad because even Jessica tells Michael that he’s doing it only to take revenge against Bobby by taking her away from him etc, she knows what kind of evil person Michael is; but it seems like she has chosen him over Bobby =(
Benz’ theory is that Jesssica can turn Michael back to his old self. Bosco is important to Bobby. All will go well. How would that work ? ? What is Michael takes Jessica and Bosco? Who would Bobby have left..?? When Benz told Jessica that he saw him with Michael, Jessica was desperately pleading Benz not to tell Bobby and that she’ll never do that again..I would have thought Benz would make her keep her words; but instead? Benz tells her that its fine. I can’t believe Benz actually directed Jessica to go back with Michael. That’s so ridiculous!! That’s sooo slack to Bobby! I still reckon Benz likes Michael over Bobby. I remembered how Benz reacted when Bobby tried to tell him that Michael did it to him and he wouldn’t believe; yet when he finds out Michael really did rob the casino; he doesn’t change the way he sees Michael . Come to think of it, Michael was involved in robbing the Casino..then how come when they found out they didn’t arrest him?

One Response to “[Dicey Business] Episode 30”

  • chibi says:

    Bosco disappoints me terribly.. When is he going to snap out of it? I feel sorry for Tavia big time. My hatred for Michael is increasing with great speed.. I can’t believe what a monster he has turned into.

    I guess Jessica is still attracted to Michael, but for them I think its mainly a physical attraction. They always end up in bed after a kiss~ I mean come on..

    I hope Jessica goes back to Bobby.. Jesscia, don’t break Bobbys heart please.

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