January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 32

In this episode, Bobby finds out that Jessica has been seeing Michael all along; yet he is still so nice to her..he didn’t blame her one bit, or say anything nasty to her, but simply letting her do what she wanted as long as she was happy and telling her what a wonderful person she was..I was so moved by that little part at the end. I would have thought Jessica would see how Bobby was such a better choice than Michael and went back to him instead..

I can’t stand seeing Michael on-screen anymore; I feel sick seeing what he’s doing. I can’t believe he’s back at the casino =__=” he robbed that Casino, he shouldn’t have any right to be there. In addition, Bosco is back there too and pretending to get along with Bobby.. They are bound to do more bad things..like eat up the Casino >_< Bobby better watch out! He doesn't really have Florence (or anyone) to back him up now that she's over at Hong Kong. Bosco can't think properly anymore its sad. He can't tell whether he's doing the right or wrong thing. He even says that Bobby's words make it seem like he cares about him, but his actions don't match up. Does Bosco even realise that Bobby's words are for his own good? Bobby probably knows something is up with Bosco; Bosco really hated him and even cut their brotherly connections, but now suddenly acting like they are all fine etc. In this episode, its also Bobby's characters' birthday and the others fly over to the Philippines to celebrate with him. I thought Bosco's present wasn't thoughtful at all...makes it seem like money can get him anything. Seriously, Bobby isn't that old, nor married to get one of those..You don't give that to your brother right..? Jessica couldn't face Bobby so much that she didn't even want to go and see him for his birthday. When she was there, she wasn't happy at all and even wanted to leave earlier. She looked very stressed and guilty... I wonder if Bobby even noticed. Michael is sooo evil..after sleeping with Jessica (for 'n' amount of times) he deliberately rang up Bobby saying he has something important to discuss about the new project; but actually telling him that Jessica has choice him over Bobby..argghhhh!! I feel sorry for Jessica as well!! He makes it seem like the best for her; he is too selfish! How could she ever face Bobby again?? I'm surprised that Benz actually told Bobby it was him that convinced her to go back with Michael..

One Response to “[Dicey Business] Episode 32”

  • chibi says:

    Although it was pretty harsh, I thought it was the best for Bobby to find out Jessica has been with Michael the whole time. I mean come on..thats so slack that Bobby doesn’t have any knowledge that she’s cheating on him.

    Bobby is so sweet though, if Michael was the one Jessica cheated on, he’d probably yell, and maybe even get so angry as to stick a gun at her.

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