January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 34

A really exciting episode!!

I quite enjoyed this episode; especially the part where Bosco and Bobby try to escape from the bad guys. I think how the phone in Bobby’s pocket acted as a shield was used before in some other TVB series as well (though his arm got shot and didn’t seem like it hurt that much later). Bosco finally realises what kind of person Michael and his ally are and finally sees who is actually good and who isn’t. Bosco finally accepts his brother =) Before watching this part, and hearing about how much Bosco would end up hating his brother, I thought he would have hated him more; even wanting him to die. Thank goodness it wasn’t to that extreme and Bosco even stood in front of Bobby to protect him when the bad guy stuck his gun at Bobby ^^ The two got so lucky that they landed in a passing-by rubbish truck when they jumped off a high cliff. Too bad they were too late to stop the agreement in buying the useless piece of land and as Michael planned; Michael took the majority of the shares in ONISAC.
Gotta say this episode had quite a bit of violence (mainly referring to the part Bobby and Michael were fighting each other) but I guess it wasn’t as violent as the first time Michael was killing Bobby heaps early in the series.
In this episode, Benz doesn’t make it and dies, but his speech was very sad and touching. I even felt sorry for the evil Michael who was with him in the car who cried saying he’ll listen to him and do anything he asked; their best memory of having hot pot together… Michael ended up burying Benz in the middle of the night in some unknown forest..

Ronald’s father also dies. I knew it was coming anyway but I was happy for him to leave the world thinking his dream came true. He could rest in peace and I think that’s all he wanted. It was better for him this way, than die knowing his dream has shattered..

3 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 34”

  • groovy says:

    haha yeah very exciting indeed, my favourite episode! XD

    I was really happy inside when the brothers reunite again, and I love the moments of truth with Bobby – Bosco – Michael and the ending scene when Bosco sort of being all regretful in the bed and Bobby hit him with the feather duster – so touching and memorable for me! Haha oh Bosco sure can cry lol..

    But whats up with Bobby’s arm? lol its all fine, like he’s never been shot at all haha..

  • chibi says:

    woah, I loved the chemistry between the brothers, it’s about time they got together and Bosco realise what a selfish person Michael was.. must have hurt him pretty bad. This episode was awesome, probably the best in the series…

    Benz’s death was really sad, man I had tears in my eyes. Why did Michael burry him in the middle of nowhere -.- Yeh, he really feels bad for him. Right.

  • groovy says:

    yeah Benz’s dying moments were reallly sad…All those speech about the hot pot thing..sigh

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