December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 5

The younger version of Michael and Bobby’s character have their voice over so you can recognise who is who XD The story about how Bobby’s brother gets missing, how Bobby ended up not being able to play against Michael, how we first see him in episode 1 at Phillipines getting beaten up and continously losing in gambling; then how he became friends with Michael (up to this point) is revealed.

Sorta sad to see that Michael’s mother has gone insane from gambling so much she cannot even recognise her own son..I wonder if Michael got the interest in gabling from his mother.
Even though I didn’t really get the rules to the gambling game (looked a bit like Cheat), but I thought it was really interesting (between Michael and the guy with the disfigured face Sung) since it was the first match we get to see =) It got a bit intense too with the gun pointing at Bobby and how Michael kept losing.

So embarrassing for Jessica when going on the blind date, esp when Bobby, Michael and Benz was there xD I knew that guy wasn’t the guy she’s supposed to meet up with but she didn’t let him explain lol Jessica seems to have something for the ‘CEO’ XD Can’t wait to see more of their relationship ehehe~

I thought it was really nice of Jessica to try help Bobby find his little brother by getting one of her relatives to do some photoshopping(?) on the computer and try and predict what he would look like now from the photo of his brother when he was young and Bobby’s photo and it looks just like another Bobby! XD But gotat say, the hair has some resemblances to Bosco’s hair from the opening clips~ ^^

2 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 5”

  • chibi says:

    Yes, the highlight of this episode has got to go to the Gamble.. it was surprising to see disfigured guy actually give the cup away like agreed! It seemed like he was going to shoot both of them..but good sportsmanship =D (just dont bet on someones life next time ;_;)

  • KTVB says:

    lol, true that! XD I thoguht he’d shoot them both as well..seemed so dangerous for Michael and Bobby since they were at the disfigured guy’s place~ No one would know if they died there o_o

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