December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 7

Funny how Bobby ended up getting Bosco to wear the same clothes as him lol I wonder if discounts were the real reason or did he just want to wear matching clothes with his little brother to see their parents…ehehe, and Bosco also comments that he doesn’t like the shirt; thinks its ugly.Bobby also commented that Bosco has been wearing the clothes Michael bought him for days and hasn’t washed it~ I guess Bosco really likes that shirt (I think it looks good on him too ^^)

Kinda funny how Bosco also tells Jessica that he wants to stay ‘here’ (at Michael’s office) and she tells him that she wants to too because its worth heaps XD even though you know that wasn’t the reason why Bosco wanted to stay there~

I don’t blame Bosco for thinking Bobby is gay lol esp how Benz and Bobby interact with each other; how they call each other “Honey” and “Baby” > _<;; Benz acts so girlie and gay it gives me the shivers lol (including in previous episodes with his interaction with Michael) What's with these Casinos? If you start winning money~ they start suspecting and it doesn't seem like they treat them really nice either, before they even have proof~

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