September 2006

[Face to Fate]Episode 19

Most of this episode was about Frankie and others trying to get the couple to fight for the white team. They are kinda funny to watch, but I sorta think the girl’s actions and they way she speaks seems exaggerated~ not sure its the acting or if she’s supposed to be like that ^^;
From the couples in this series, Frankie and Tavia is the most distant, you don’t get to see much between them even though in most of this series they are traveling together to find the warriors. One reason would probably be because Frankie is in love with Anne ..and Tavia likes that other guy she grew up with.. In this episode, you start to see they have learned to understand each other more, after they had that argument where Frankie blames Tavia for ruining his plans (which she didn’t know of) while Tavia blames Frankie not trusting her (or Monk) because he doesn’t ever tell them what his plans are~ and usually come to a surprise to them all… both reflect that maybe they have been wrong, and they both make up with each other, Frankie buying her a hairclip and Tavia buying him food ^^

 I can’t wait to see the battle between the White and the Black ~ I hope there’s gonna be some cool action since the 5 are supposed to be very powerful (even though it seems like Frankie, Raymond , Derek are way more powerful) ^^; Though, one of the members of the White team has been killed by Derek..what are they gonna do about the 5 contestant then?
The episode ends where Raymond is about to enter the Dark Kingdom..

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