March 2009

[E.U] Episode 22

The Best Episode of E.U ever..

*Contains Major Spoilers*

I didn’t want to make this post now, since I planned to post up some bits from pre- episode 22  first… but after watching this episode today, I just couldn’t help but want to scream this out somewhere- (and since this is my TVB blog…it is the perfect place ): EPISODE 22 was just SOOOOO SAD and EMOTIONAL!!! T_T

Laughing-gor…nooooooo!!!!!! T_T He was such a cool character and I really didn’t want him to die. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later (since Ron is the main character- he will ultimately take Michael.M down), but I really didn’t want it to be so soon..It’s such a pity that he couldn’t complete his mission T_T I’m really proud of what he has achieved though- through the 9 years being undercover- he gave up everything to get up the ladder and helped the police arrest countless criminals, and gather countless evidence and leads. He also got rid of the previous leader and got so close to catching Michael.M too ><  So close. He tried so hard and watching the episodes leading up to this(where Michael.M was suspecting him) was so suspenseful!

Why !?  Why ‘Pak Kiu’ >< Argh!! It’s so frustrating! I know it’s not his fault and he didn’t mean to; but I just can’t help but feel so annoyed by him. I wish he would just get out of his way! I want Pak Kiu to know Laughing was really an undercover..I want him to feel guilty lol (slack but yeh)

I think if it wasn’t for Laughing teaching,  guiding and protecting Ron, Ron would not make it this far. I guess we can say, he didn’t die in vain. He was able to exchange his life to help Ron gain Michael.M’s trust.

I really enjoyed watching the bond he shared with Ron…the death scene was just so emotional T_T Previously Ron mistook  him for betraying him and I’m glad they were able to clear it up before he left (or after Ron read his diary entries).

Laughing’s death also serves as a wake up call for Ron and his mission.  I think after this, Ron will follow Laughing’s way- and become completely mission focused, using all means to arrest Michael.M (even if it means using Elanne).

Michael Tse really shines in this series and I really love his character.  His character made the story so much more interesting, and especially so much more exciting for the episodes leading up to this one..

Side note: Laughing kind of reminds me of L from Death Note. He is highly gifted and intelligent but ultimately killed, and his mission was left for N and M, in this case- Ron. Laughing’s popularity also reminds me of BT (Johnson Lee) in Catch Me Now.

**Screencaptures Added!**

16 Responses to “[E.U] Episode 22”

  • sugar says:

    I’ve watched upto this episode too. T_T Yep, hopefully Ah Man will do well undercover not like before. ^^ Pak Kiu .. i don’t know what to say. I wonder what happened to his wedding? maybe it starts later in the later episodes and got postponed …

    Laughing is very popular online recently. 😀 SO SAD though…

  • Rin says:

    I KNOW RIGHT?!!! It’s such a sad episode!! :[
    Laughing Gor was sooo close to gaining back Michael M’s trust but b/c of the gun and hand sweating thing that totally got him.
    I have to say he’s one of my favorite characters from this series. More than Sammul’s character anyways lol.
    & as for ‘Pak-kiu’ wedding, it just.. kinda continues in episode 23… like nothing happened. & same here, I really want him to know that he (who thinks he’s so righteous and everything) to know that he shot a fellow UNDERCOVER cop.. if he didn’t shot Laughing Gor then he could have resume his cop status.

    Ron is kinda gonna start using Elanne to get closer to Michael M. I still think he should be careful cus Michael M. is very cautious. But his downfall one of these days will be because of Kathy… like Ah Chung kept telling him.

    Funny that you mention Death Note cus yeah, I can see Laughing as L. L totally sacrificed himself in order to catch Light.

  • eigna says:

    General Response

    The series have receive many positive responses, particularly for Michael Tse’s performance. His performance in E.U. is regarded as one of the best performance in his career. He is also favoured to win Best Supporting Actor award in TVB Anniversary Awards.

  • eigna says:

    梁笑棠-已殉職,第30集重生..it say on chinese wikipedia..

    Reply from KTVB: No spoilers please!

  • Rin says:

    OMG! eigna. Can you please do not post spoilers?!! If it’s true then I’m very very disappointed right now… you’ve ruined the experience for me.. -sigh- at least I don’t know by who right..? kinda good that I can’t read Chinese.

  • eigna says:

    General response

    The series have received many positive responses, particularly for Michael Tse’s performance. His performance in E.U. is regarded as one of the best performance in his career. His stellar performance has also gained him a fan page on Facebook. He is also favoured to win Best Supporting Actor award in 2009’s TVB Anniversary Awards. Due to overwhelming criticism of Tse’s character dying, TVB is currently negotiating a possible alternate ending to the series.

    It say on Wkipedia..

    Reply from KTVB: you can’t really trust Wikipedia lol

  • KTVB says:

    To sugar: The postponing of the wedding seemed kind of weird if you ask me. It can’t possibly be on the same day could it? I remember Ah Sum crying over his death, and how could Sammul possible go back to his wedding after just killing someone. But the wedding happened at the beginning of the following episode as if nothing else has happenned.

    To Rin: yea..that gun sweating bit was really clever though!! It makes me wonder what Michael Tse would really do if he was forced to kill Ron without knowing the gun had no bullet ><

  • eigna says:

    Not really you can trust what Wikipedia say..

    Reply from KTVB: No you can’t lol Anyone can edit the info on it. It’s not 100% reliable.

  • `Amethyst. says:

    I just finished watching this ep !
    Its really sad ! T.T
    I totally cried when laughing died ! ><“

  • Winter_Stargirl says:

    OMG i cried so much watching that scene 🙁

    • KTVB says:

      I’m surprised I didn’t cry watching this scene; but in the scene after when Ron was reading through his diary and all the things Michael did in the past 9 years undercover. Watching Ron cry was so sad too..

  • Belinda says:

    This is ultimately best E.U. scene! I watched this series because of Sammul and Ron, but somewhere along the line I realised I was beginning to lean towards Michael’s (Laughing-gor) character! Michael is a talented actor and I’m happy that he has managed to garner so much support from the audience because he truly deserves it.

    Now that you’ve mentioned, he does remind me alot like BT as well! Both died but had roles which connected with the audience! 🙂

  • chibi says:

    Best scene. Utterly tragic…

  • ahshehfan says:

    laughing may not be sweating when he was forced to shoot ron cuz it is not HIM .
    but he need to shoot himself the 2nd time , and he is more afraid as that is his life .
    so the shooting part does not make much to me ;x

    • KTVB says:

      You have a good point there ^^; But still, Michael M’s theory is that; when people shoot/kill anyone- they would feel nervous etc, just like who Ah Zhong felt when he first fired a gun. It should be normal for a person to sweat in fear when they’ve never done it before.

  • monarcha says:

    Oh No!! when i heard laughing was dyiing and he was a good guy all he did in the past was forgivine.~_~

    By the way i think laughing is a very talented actor hope he dose good in the future XD

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