March 2009

[E.U] Favourite Character Poll

My two favourite characters in EU are Kathy Chow and Michael Tse’s Laughing. And sadly they were both killed in the story =(

Will Laughing make it to top for Favourite character in EU on K for TVB? XD Cast your vote!

Which is your favourite EU character?

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18 Responses to “[E.U] Favourite Character Poll”

  • summer says:

    i vote for RON, he is so great in EU..he did improve alot..

  • qing says:

    i think ron will win coz he has a large fan base but if i think if role in the show per se, i think michael’s tse laughing is definitely the most popular 🙂

  • eigna says:

    i vote for ron because i like his hair..

  • Blossom says:

    Same, I voted for Ron too.
    Ron’s a very likable character I guess.

  • Prince of Lucky says:

    Micheal Tse as Laughing character is my favourite…coz i so long didn’t see him act as a triad gang member since Young and Dangerous

  • Helen says:

    My fav character in the movie was Laba.. he was hella funny, but since he was not listed on this poll I guess I’ll just settle for Laughing Gor!

  • cx839 says:

    My favourite character is Ron’s Chung Lap Man.

  • iMMATURE says:

    RON of course =] he was a prince, undercover, and a gang member … can’t beat that xD
    Of course Michael Tse follows second. His acting was amazing in this drama

  • vivian says:

    I vote for RON and Laughing. Bot have improves alot. But I like Laughing more, without him the sereis won’t be so excited.

  • Ron Ng 幸运王子 says:

    吴卓羲系个靓仔又有型噶人o黎噶!我好钟意巨噶!我都投o左巨一票噶!我好钟意巨系剧中噶造型啊!大马噶朋友如果钟意香港噶艺人噶话要学识打‘广东字’啊!如果唔识打噶话email我啦!我噶email系RonRaymondKevin@live.com想识我噶话都可以email我噶!我系林峰,吴卓羲同郑嘉颖噶Fans啊!最后我想问Kaki Leung系边个o黎噶?

  • Alicia Chee says:

    I vote for Ron Ng coz he is really a handsome and good guy… And i love the movie EU too!!!!!!!!!!

  • chibi says:

    Laughing all the way! If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have liked the series near as much as I did… he totally brought the story and suspense to the next level! His character was always interesting to watch, with a very round and dynamic personality. Clever, witty and charming..

    Brilliantly played out. Michael Tse won me over ^_^

  • S'pore says:

    Michael Tse as Laughing…
    i cant help feeling sad that hhis role is so shortlived…
    good acting…
    well done…
    cant help prasing him…
    and all the best to his future roles…

  • Fiona says:

    I would vote for anybody…BUT KATHY CHOW. ewww I don’t like her. I really hate her acting…I like her chracter, of course, but i hate her. Like seriously. when she acts, she doesn’t keep her mouth shut, and you could see all her teeth*shiver* ewwww. I’m sorry if you like her…but I really don’t 😆

  • Tien says:

    i vote for ron because he cool in the movie EU

  • zihwye says:

    no kidding i just discovered this post and 31 people voted for kaki leung? Puh-lease?!

  • Smackmybutt says:

    I like Michael Miu since primary 2 and I only sec1 this year hahahazxc…. I like Michael Miu cause the show he act is interesting and funny and have the cool man … And I like him cause of alot of thing Etc cannt said finish so I put etc mean still gt alot of thing about Michael miu. And he still look good and charming and handsome at his age . I LOVE YOU FOREVER MICHAEL MIU <3 <3 <3 LOVE YOU 😀


  • Jia says:

    It’s so hard to choose between Michael or Kathy ><. They were both great. Loved Mr Laughing 哥 too! 🙂

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