March 2009

[E.U] Themesong Clips & Lyrics

While browsing on youtube this morning, I’ve watched some E.U clips from some promotional function they had in HK. It was kinda neat 🙂 Wish I could have been there haha

Michael Tse, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan singing EU Themesong Live:

Variation Black and White 黑白變奏

日夜之間的接口 段落之間的變奏
落入忠奸的缺口 灰黑之間你遊走
愈用心分析對手 愈是交心的戰鬥 愈是分不清對手

* 情與義 那像似黑白事情
遊戲吧 你共我追逐未停
忘記吧 抹掉昨天熱誠
對或錯 你或我 決定勝 Hea~ Woo~
用什麼狙擊對手 用目光追蹤悔咎
事或非堆積藉口 灰黑之間你留守
用盡心分析對手 事實之差心裡鬥
步入灰色的缺口 一千個預謀

Repeat *

猜不透日後 不知去或留
推測背後 不斷預謀

*Download the Full Themesong

I really like the themesong, it sounds really catchy and it reminds me of  its prequel “On the First Beat” where a group of guys sang the themesong. It’s even better since they are casted in the series 🙂

Elanne Kong singing the SubThemesong Live: Palm Print 手掌印


要是我重頭揀選下個 明顯都是錯 情感可控制麼
我習慣無人好好待我 唯一傷害過 而且犧牲太多
我若試圖忘記一種痛楚 然而回憶迫使背負更多
寧願你殺掉我 就當我上了一課 做個好心分手彼此都不要拖

別再忍 好應該擺脫傷心的噩運
而情感 怎麼給踩過也不沉 偏要酷愛著你這壞人
隨便笑 去諷刺我臉上的手掌印
原因 應該出於情難自禁 總要是記著你這壞人的一吻*

這段感情無非傷得太多 面上唯一手掌印在唱歌
提醒我你犯錯 別再放縱你找我 就當好心分開今天可乾脆麼


*Download the CD Version

Another really nice song 🙂 When I think of how they casted a singer into the series, I think of how Joey Yung was also a singer casted into ‘On the First Beat’. Like Joey, Elanne was also given the part to sing the Sub Themesong. I wonder why Fiona Sit didn’t sing in ‘The Academy’?

Kathy Chow singing  SubThemesong Live:

Nothing to be Ashamed of 無愧於心



只想對人對得起 秏盡柔情和骨氣
做個好人難 仍愛雪中生炭 不偏心自己
不管友敵當知己 無論別人橫蠻永不講理
若有損失都不有損尊嚴 有怨不想記

* 無愧於心 多少關一手去破
吃苦中苦訓練我 如倔強中灑過淚為救火
無愧於天 盡了力到底為何
曾帶笑誠實活過 任結果 判斷我

忠於愛情有多慘 並未求情人開眼
混世中求存 自細已經很慣 緊崩這牙關
假使結局也可揀 寧願任殘留回憶都失散
但也經得起天意再丟難 故意不感嘆

*Download the CD Version

I think its a bonus when a series has more than one sub themesong 🙂 yay!

10 Responses to “[E.U] Themesong Clips & Lyrics”

  • rachel says:

    i really like the theme song and the sub song, haven’t listened to kathy’s song yet.
    the sub song by elanne is really melodious and beautiful, i keep replaying it over and over again on my playlist 😀

  • Sammy says:

    Elanne is a great singer. And she sings on key! unlike some other artists. She has a lot of potential 🙂

  • Brandon says:


    Do you have the link for Kathy Chow sub theme?

    Many Many Thanks

  • AC says:

    hello do you have english translations for these thanks.

  • KTVB says:

    To rachel: ahah, me too! Been putting it on repeat. The song sounds extra nice since with the series 🙂

    To Sammy: This is the first time I’ve heard of Elanne actually. She’s pretty decent, might have a listen to her other songs~

    To brandon: here you go 🙂

    Just got hold of it ^_^

    To AC: I haven’t written any English translations. I might do Elanne’s one sometime 🙂

  • chibi says:

    Oh, I didn’t know Michael Tse took part in singing the opening theme, thought it was only Sammuel and Ron

  • Lam says:

    The link to the themesong isn’t working ><

    I really like the sub-themesong by elanne, it’s really nice and fits with her plot as well.

  • Ben says:

    Could someone please fix the links for getting this song?

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