Raymond saved Tavia a few times in the series, and Ray said Tavia can repay him in one go in the future, but it was never shown. I think it would have been interesting to what it was ^^

How did Frankie have one of Tavia’s pins he dropped? It can’t possibly be the one he gave her already, did he buy a new one?
Most of the characters don’t have parents (passed away? orphan?)~ Raymond , Frankie, Derek, Selena..and ones that do i.e Nancy and Tavia -only have a father (which happen to both be evil) I like Tavia’s father so much better~ John Chiang doesn’t love his daughter enough! He would anything to keep his pride, even forcing his daughter against her will to marry that guy. He is the type to use everyone around him to get what he wants (even killing his own wife attempting to kill Tavia and his apprentices..) He’s got two-faces +_+ If Nancy ever betray him, he’ll probably kill her off~ On the other hand, Tavia did betray her father, yet he eventually forgave her. Much loving father lol These thoughts sorta bring me to wonder- I wonder how Tavia’s father and mother met and fell in love lol And..how could Tavia’s mother fall in love with a monk o.0?? What was so attractive about him?
I wonder if Raymond’s character continued to look after the Ghost Doctor’s mother after he turned back ‘good’

Wonder where Anne learnt her martial arts from~

Wonder what Frankie had been doing for the “2 years” (later thing) XD

Why is Selena hated so much in other forums? I really love her character here and I think the character she protrays suits her. People have said she has taken over Nancy’s role, but I just don’t see how Nancy’s image would fit in with “Yin Ye Loi”. In terms of the character “Yin Yei Lo” I liked her from her first appearance in the series, while Nancy and Tavia’s characters annoyed me. They were too proud of themselves~ hm..I don’t recall Nancy’s character thinking Tavia for helping her take the blame (about fighting the other people).
Why was this series warehoused? Love it heaps. They should definetly broadcast this over at HK, beats a lot of series this year I reckon~ has a good cast too ^^

20 Responses to “[Face to Fate] After thoughts…”

  • JJ(^ _ ^) says:

    hmm.. you’re right.. many things were never resolved nor further exposed… I agree.. I don’t know why people hate Selena. I think she’s pretty (well, not ugly) and others think she is. But yea. I love your thoughts!!

  • cammyii says:

    Yeh..I think she’s quite pretty..no where near ugly

  • Tazzie says:

    Hello! Just finished watching Face to Fate over in Canada here. Wow, it’s a great ancient drama from TVB. Great chemistry between Frankie and Tavia but yeah, I was a bit disappointed with the ending. But, knowing Lee Bo Yee, he seems to be a well reserved character, I can’t see him being overly passionated with Yip Mong Sik. Anyhow, thumbs up for this fabulous series!

  • KTVB says:

    Hi Tazzie ^^ Guessing your favourite couple in this series is Tavia and Frankie?

    Hahaa..true about the well reserveed character

  • MYST ;D says:

    i just dont get the part where frankie and tavia were at the fight scene. i mean, tavia is the leader of the good and bad and she’s supposed to have a lot of authority and power right? so there’s a fight, why didnt she try to stop it, or why didnt those people fighting stop suddenly at the sight of her? o.O
    just curious. haha.

  • KTVB says:

    Yea..I mean we know she left, and probably wants to be with Lee Bo Yi and not worry about them anymore, but what a waste of her 2 years of effort. Doesn’t seem to concern her anymore +__+

  • Tazzie says:

    Hey everyone! Just like to know where would I be able to download the subtheme song (sung by Frankie and Tavia)?? Love that song! BTW, what a great job on keeping up with the Face to Fate pages! Thanks!

  • KTVB says:

    I posted up a link here on the screencaps/themevideo page =)

  • sizzy says:

    dis movie is good but i don’t like the ending

  • renka says:

    I think you’re right about Selena. I couldn’t agree more about Tavia and Nancy. Although I really enjoyed the chemistry between Derek and Nancy, I think Selena’s role was not only suitable for her as an actress, but an outstanding female character. I am relaly loving this series as well, it’s definitely a great wuxia that I haven’t enjoyed in a long time. It’s also very TVB style, which reminds me of the good old days when wuxia with TVB was actually worth watching.

  • venus says:

    i enjoyed this series only 2wards the later part it when Tav personality change for the better & improved r/ship w frankie. Too bad theirs seem less emphasised & more reserved cmp to the other ouples in the series. But i do find their pairing up a fresh change fr the rest. Generally good showing 🙂

  • dolphin says:

    among all the couples, i thin the chemistry betw SL & RL is the best. i eny the scenes w their sparings w each other

  • lynn says:

    I think the reason Tavia did not stop the fight is because she has retired from the martial arts world and does not want to attract attention. But what puzzles me is when she went to look for Bo Yee, was it right after she met him on the cliff? A few months or a few years later… Btw, i think its possible tht Tavia gave Frankie the pin when she thought he was dead but TVB snipped the part out.

  • KTVB says:

    I was assuming it was years later when Tavia went to find Frankie because Tavia took on her role as the leader of the martial arts world…took years to bring everyone together… I think they mentioned it in the series. If I remember correctly, Raymond told him about it (which is why I’m wondering there’s more battle going on)

  • Roxanne says:

    Haha, yeah, Selena is really pretty! I thought she played her role perfectly. Frankly speaking, I can’t see Nancy acting as Yin Yeh-Loi. Selena totally fits the bill. And yeah… I wonder whether Tavia quit being the leader. Funny thing is, since most people respected her, they probably still would; so why didn’t they stop fighting and bow to her or something? And ask for her opinion on the battle?

  • KTVB says:

    Its a little strange..maybe they don’t know who she is, i.e haven’t seen her before..but only heard of her name XD Its also a bit odd how she became the new leader..when she’s not that powerful either. And yes! Selena fits the role perfectly! XD

  • mabel says:

    its weird how they hate selena its pobably because tavai has been acting a long time and selena kinda started acting and thinks that shes not pretty or something to tell u the truth if tavia and raymond were together tavia would have the second lead role not the first…

  • TVBHugeFan says:

    face to fate were good.
    frankie acting were very good and he so smart in the movie also raymond.
    i like both of the actor cuz they are ma huge fan too.i like the ending song were tavia and frankie sing.raymond in the theme song was to fast i couldnt really understand wat is he singing.but anywhere raymond acting impoved very well as frankie too.
    i hate the bad guys from the evil side.
    tavia acting were very good too.tavia in the movie were mading me wanna cry cuz his dad is evil but i like the ending cuz tavia dad die cuz he do a lot of bad thing also nancy dad too.tavia is awsome in the movie and tavia should act more in the movie.
    face to fate movie is the best.i love the part when raymond fall in love with selena.and frankie fall in love with tavia.selena first hate raymond but then after all they both love each other also tavia hates raymond too.

  • Vienne says:

    OMG, this serie is SO good, couldn’t stop watching! and i have exams in two days >.< lol! I can't believe this serie is warehoused, they should air it in Hong Kong, bet it will receive very good ratings! =)I love tavia, she is such a good actress! ! =)

  • LALA says:

    I love SELENA LI AND RAYMOND LAM, i hope they will act in a new film. Both are very wondefful.Both… FIGHTING

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