September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 18

I felt this episode went quickly..three key points about this episode..

1. Frankie, Tavia and Monk finds the married couple, the last fighting candidate for the White side. The 2 couple are quite funny ^^; It would be interesting to see how they would convince him to join them.The guy really wants to xD you can so tell, but there’s his wife ^^;

2. Nancy and Derek keep thinking about each other and after 2 episodes of no appearance after they stabbed each other, they decided it was time they kill the other, for Nancy, her reason was because if she doesn’t kill him, she can’t continue to live happy- For Derek, if he doesn’t kill her, he can never be back to his old self. And yeh… ^^ OMG! Theya re soo sweet together!!


I really loved this scene..embracing each other..

3. After the death of his brother, all Raymond cares about is taking revenge for his brother, challenging the “Ghost” Doctor. His temper has gone really bad and learning poison dangerous ways to defeat the guy.. he knows where he can get the last item to his cure, but he doesn’t care anymore.

Watch it here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7DrrhrTmazI

Selena in attempt to stop him from going to battle gives him soup , and put in something that would make him sleep for 2 days, going off to the evil dark kingdom to get the last item of cure which is some spring water. Raymond does not get fooled and eventually gets back up after faking to have fallen asleep and fights the battle- the battle between the “Ghost” doctors and “God” doctors..

I thought the battle was quite interesting to watch since the families have always been rivals.. but because of his dirty tricks, the “ghost” doctor ends up capturing Raymond. At the point of killing him, the Ghost doctor’s mother appears and covers up for Raymond so the Ghost doctor ended up getting his own mother instead. Both the Ghost doctor and Raymond heal her and end up saving her (thanks to Raymond) it was because of the Ghost doctor’s mother that cleared anything that had long existed between the two families =) Such a lovely lady =)
The episode ends where Selena is falling into Lava after she attemps to sneak into the dark evil kingdom..

One Response to “[Face to Fate] Episode 18”

  • karine says:

    Their my favorite couple in this series!
    it was sweet and romantic that they stopped their attack on eachother at the waterfall. But i kinda wish that they stil got to know eachother more because i think they kinda went on too fast…..!!!!
    butt still i really hecka like them!

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