September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 20

Raymond finally found the spring he was looking for, the last item for his cure- but it has dried. It doesn’t exist anymore; the way that evil guy said he knows he’ll be back to work for him is freaky..cos that’s likely to happen..noooOo..don’t work for him~ but yeh, when characters say that, it usually means it would happen (or why else would they say that?)

It ended where Frankie finds out Tavia’s father is the one who he had freed when he was young and killed his master, and also the same guy who is now the lead of the evil force 0__0 That must of been pretty freaky..I mean o.0 At first when Frankie met him, I thought he already knew that was the guy he was after, but I guess not…poor Tavia though, hopes comes but it is then taken away when she finds out the truth.

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