September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 21

This episode was pretty good; a lot of focus on Nancy and Derek couple ^^ I gotta say, Nancy in her red/pink costume colour looks so much better when she’s with a guy wearing Green…he looks so cool here XD lol After that scene in episode 18, this is where you see them again. I love watching every time they hug each other (They do that quite often) and their facial expressions of desperatly wanting to be with each other is so….sweet. As expected, the white side won’t let the two be together with the white side always wanting to kill him.

On the other side, after they find the warriors, they say their farewell to the Monk (is this the last of him?) and they head back. Sorta sweet to see Tavia give him alll that food for him to take back, even though they aren’t father and daughter, he still took care of her on their journey ^^ In just the last 2 or so episodes, you can start to see Tavia and Frankie’s interest in the other ^^

That John Chaing’s character is sooo evil ~ well, not like I ever liked his character from the start, esp not when we find out he is the actual traitor to the white side, when he actually leads it. When he finds out Anne and Frankie used to like each other, he is soo scary. You can tell on his expression he is so pissed off and when Anne tries to explain there’s nothing between them anymore and all that was in the past, he continues to ignore her. When she asks whether he believes her, he “smiles” and says ‘of course I do’ +__+ freaky….now everytime Anne and Frankie see each other you could tell he was getting suspcious..with such a big reaction on his face when Frankie asked whether Anne’s sickness serious or not. I suppose John Chiang’s character is getting very jealous esp when everyone is greatful to Frankie for helping them find the warriors, even suggesting him to lead everyone in the battle instead ^^

When John Chiang and the other leads find out about Nancy and Derek’s relationship, John Chiang (in order to try save his reputation) forces his daughter to marry his 2nd apprentice (I will refer to him as ‘2nd-guy’) instead. I felt like laughing at the 2nd guy’s face for being a two-timer. In the past, both Tavia and Nancy liked him and he claimed to have liked Tavia in return. But when Nancy overheard their conversation and gets really upset, the 2nd-guy goes comforting her saying he likes them both equally..wtf ? ? ? causing Tavia to find out so she left with Frankie to continue to find the warriors. And now, none of the girls like him ^^ ehhee…Nancy is in love with Derek, and Tavia is in love with Frankie..when the 2nd-guy goes to find Tavia and tell her about Nancy and his marriage, Tavia just seems to be happy for them. It was obvious she didn’t like him anymore and he gets so pissed off =P

I liked the scene where Tavia and Nancy were both talking to the other, thinking the other liked the 2nd-guy and hoping the other would marry him instead, but they both like someone else now=) That 2nd-guy is so power-hungry =__= When John Chiang offers to teach him another fighting techinque (only given to whom he will give his position for- which John claims it will be his future son-in-law), the 2ng-guy instanly agreed to marry Nancy… -_-;;
I have this feeling John Chiang’s character wants to kill off Frankie…

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