September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 22

What happens in this episode?

*Nancy and Derek elope on Nancy’s marriage day

*Tavia finds the couple but ends up letting them go

* John Chiang finds the couple and tries to kill Derek, Frankie saves the couple though Derek is badly injured. Derek no longer wants to kill Frankie or anybody and is greatful for saving them.
*Frankie takes Derek and Nancy to hide/stay at Selena’s Inn. Selena and Raymond try to protect them =)

*While Raymond is healing Derek, he finds John Chiang’s attack deadly(evil). Raymond and Frankie get suspicous. Frankie also goes to do as last requested by the 2nd (or was it 3rd? one killed by Derek) Martial Artist, and finds the letter written to him about the possible traitor

*Dark force tries to kill off Derek, all the bad guys are out hunting for him for money as reward. The chase leads them to a dead end. They (Nancy and Derek) chose to believe in fate, and both jump off the cliff together…

I loved this episode!! XD Esp at this point in time, all I care about is hoping Derek and Nancy can be with each together…this couple is cute too sweet!! its like ‘yay’ hope is here when Frankie saves them, Tavia letting them go, and then Raymond and Selena trying to protect them ^^ We finally see Raymond and Selena again (it seems to be a while now) and they are happily running the Inn ^__^ Frankie and Raymond are such good friends . . and when Raymond promised him he would look after Derek, he kept his words. I thought it looked so cool when Nancy, Derek, Raymond, Selena, her son, mother-in-law, and Frankie were having dinner together =D

Episode 22 Episode 22 22_3.JPG 22_2.JPG
Derek doesn’t look evil anymore…he looked quiet innocent and harmless when he was with Nancy when Tavia found them. He appears very weak nowadays too..I suppose he’s still injured.

I think the series is getting more suspenseful XD It makes sense now that the Ghost Doctor’s mother healed someone ages ago (likely to have been John Chiang). John Chiang shouldn’t be that much of a threat if Frankie injured him ~ I just hope Raymond doesn’t join the dark side =S In the last shot of the opening, you see White-hair-Raymond and Frankie and it looks like they are gonna have a battle…..hope this series will have a good ending >< P.s:What does it say on the piece of paper(given by Frankie) in the last shot? I couldn't read it properly lol words.JPG

3 Responses to “[Face to Fate] Episode 22”

  • Em says:

    The words on the note are: 山窮水盡疑無路日落西山鴛鴦亡 🙂

  • MYST! ;D says:

    The translation for the words on the note is: If one suspects its the end of one’s rope, end one’s life with one’s lover when the sun is setting in the west.

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