September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 23

Most of this episode is about Frankie trying to find out who the traitor is, and he’s pretty sure its John Chiang’s character, but doesn’t have enough proof to reveal him. He is such an evil character, always having changing faces when others aren’t looking…eheh..I think the role suits him xD I liked the scene where Raymond and Frankie were fighting him =) Both of them fighting together and all, such good buddies =)

I was excited when Raymond poisoned him with the pins since Raymond said John Chiang shouldn’t be able to survive more than 3 days without cure..so annoyed he went to the Ghost doctor to cure him!! argh!!!! damn ><  I did think that the Ghost doctor would have hated him when he was realising this guy was the one who poisoned his mother. I was hoping at this point the Ghost Doctor would take his revenge~ guess not =x This Ghost Doctor just doesn't seem as evil anymore~ I hope he'll turn into a good guy ^^  Frankie has also agreed to join the white side to be the last contestant (and also using the chance to stay at 'Fei Yu San Zhong'~ and I think that's a great choice they made to nominate him..once again *laughing at the 2nd-guy* xD must of pissed him off =D since he wanted to fight..but seriously..I never liked the Fei Yu San Zhong from the beginning, esp seeing the people in there. For starters, there's John Chiang acting all hero-hero type character- leader of the white side (when we find out he's the actual traitor, I was like 'I knew it! he looks evil from the start' xD)[His character reminds me of the role he played in Lethal Weapons of Love and passion. I thought he was actually a bad guy there as well, but I guess not ^^;;] The other apprentices are weaklings…and all seem to have some attitude problem. Is it just me or do most of the people there think they are the best? They surely think highly of themselves..think of the guy who died near the beginning~ the 2nd guy, Nancy, and Tavia…Tavia has always been jumping into conclusions and mucking up everything. When she finds out Frankie and Anne’s past, she always has something against him. But yeh..I think Nancy’s charatacer has changed for the better when she starts falling for Derek, and Tavia is a lot nicer too when she understands Frankie. When Nancy ran away with Derek, I was like ‘yay! Good choice! You’d be a lot happier’ lol. I don’t think the place is worth staying ~ getting excited about tomorrow’s episode where the Dark Side take Tavia back to them, after the episode ends where Frankie tellsTavia and the Dark-Sect leader their father and daughter relationship, when he was about to kill her…(can’t wait to watch it xD)

 In the last scene of this episode where Frankie is badly injured by the Dark-Sect leader and Tavia comes along, she calls him ‘Uncle’ and they appear to have known each other when she was younger. I think he saved her before or something? Tavia should have met him before earlier in the series when the dark side came and poisoned everyone, but how come she didnt recognise him back then?

i find it a little odd last episode when John Chiang tells them all it was Frankie who injured him, letting Derek get away. How come the white side people didn’t question Frankie’s actions? yet they still trust him, and is a hero in their eyes? I mean, that’s great but, shouldn’t they have some reaction to the news?



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  • Wendy says:

    i didn’t get it when Tavia suddenly said that she has met her dad before… do you remember when that happened? >_<

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