September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 24

The truth comes out~ The evil sect leader is in joy while Tavia is left with mixed emotions of anger, confusion and is hurt by the fact the father she was longing for is the lead of the dark sect. It does appear that he loves his daughter a lot [Not sure whether it is parental love or because of his fortune telling that his daughter would be the one ruling the world]. Either way, I think its true as Frankie said~ no matter how evil the Darksect leader is, he wouldn’t harm his own daughter. To me, he doesn’t seem as evil as John Chiang’s character xD Tavia always looked up to him, and he’s planning to use her to kill off Frankie>< As my previous post, I reckon she would be better off with the Dark side, but then its true she would become the White side's enemy. I'm so annoyed with John's character!! Now he's making it seem like Frankie is the traitor, making a quicker step in telling everyone =x So glad Frankie has Raymond and Tavia on his side..and the other women (but seems like she's getting suspicious of him too) Only 6 more episodes to go ~I wish it didn't end so fast XD

2 Responses to “[Face to Fate] Episode 24”

  • chibi says:

    Yup yup! The evil guys always do that though, i.e twist the thing around and blame the good guy first so it looks less suspicious to him.

    But that’s okay, the truth will come out!! =D

  • Roxxane says:

    Lol, agreed, the Dark Sect leader doesn’t seem as evil as John. John doesn’t care two hoots about his daughter and students. However, the Dark Sect leader dotes a lot on his daughter! =D

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