September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 26

awww….feel so bad for Selena’s character T__T and Raymond!! Those teary eyes when he saw Selena..totured her to…ay…how cruel are those people!!! >< So evil..and they call themselves "the good/white" people... *shakes head in disgrace* happens all the time...sometimes, the so-called "good" are more evil than the "bad" ..

Raymond eventually joins the evil side in order to save her; she means everything to him T_T Its true in the sense..what’s the point trying to help the so-called ‘good’ side? What do they get in the end?

Frankie on the other hand has gone into depression~ Anne has died, his friend (Raymond) left him, and everyone thinks he’s the traitor and are all after him. He is realising and blaming himself as getting himself involved from the start was wrong.. I think at a time like this Frankie’s character should really get back up, he has to get back hope!! can’t believe he ‘doesn’t care’ and wants to ignore everything. It’s really not like his usual character because he’s not taking responsibility for his own actions~

Glad to see Monk again (sorta sad to see his master die when it appeared he could have attacked raymond but didn’t, giving him a chance), and Tavia, along with the other 5 Martial Artists <-- I've long awaited for the 5 to reunite (and yup, they look cool together). I'm happy they still believe Frankie isn't the traitor~ I wish they could really do something to help him..

The battle is drawing near..it makes me wonder who the Dark side would send to fight…the 5 generals? Or Raymond 0.0 ? I wish the truth would come out quick!!!

2 Responses to “[Face to Fate] Episode 26”

  • hey… thnx for writing all da synopsis and ur opinions of face to fate…so coolz… cant believe this is one small world… haha

  • sugar says:

    ^ I felt so sorry for Selena when he started torturing her, so much blood scenes. >.<

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