September 2006

[Face To Fate] Episode 25

This episode went too quickly! Actually I’m starting to find the episodes getting shorter and shorter >_< nnooOOooo.... xD okies, enough of that lol The excitement continues in this episode when more accusation by John's character is made, and the White side all think the traitor is Frankie and Raymond. And yeh, that women doesn't believe Frankie anymore, but Anne's still there to trust Frankie wouldn't do such a thing. After much denial that her husband is the actual traitor, Anne discovers the truth!! Ahhh!!! She's in such a dangerous position >_< I'm glad there's Selena to help her, but we know they aren't powerful enough to defeat him =( As they ran in the forest, it was so suspenseful..I was like 'quiiiiccccck, Raymond, Frankie find them quickkkk' =( But its too late..and John kills Anne... even when he kills her, he doesn't believe in her, thinking she actually loves Frankie instead of him. Sorta sad to hear that she actually burnt the letter . . for his sake. Now they can't use it against him, I was thinking maybe Selena had the letter =\ I think Selena is in danger too, all of them after her T_T The next preview looks so interesting!!! Gotta wait two more days...xD Back at the cave when Anne confronts her husband..do you think what he said was actually true o.0? All he is doing is trying to kill the Dark Sect leader? Somehow it doesn't seem that convincing..well, it would probably make more sense than working with him just for the golden cave. He's character is so evil, the end just doesn't seem to justify the means for him. I still picture him as gold-hungry person.

One Response to “[Face To Fate] Episode 25”

  • Roxxane says:

    John is totally mad. I’m sure he lied to his wife during the time back in the cave. The way he said it, it was like he was good but was “forced” to seek help and join forces with the Dark side. That’s a whole load of nonsense! I wish Anne didn’t burn the letter. That would have cleared up lots of the misunderstandings. =.=

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