September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 27

Not sure whether my eyes were playing tricks, but I thought I saw Raymond’s picture change from the beginning of the theme video- gotta see the repeat to clarify lol

When Raymond started talking to the unconscious Selena, I suddenly felt his old-self back again, just seems to show his caring side for Selena..but Raymond changed ..and its sorta scary >_<; If I was the boy I would be scared too..now Raymond is teaching him to use poison and his mother is missing. If the Dark Sect leader really helps Raymond learn that thing and he saves Selena and cure his disease/curse, seems like Raymond would forever sell his soul to him..I wonder if there would be any turning back... *we want you back Ray* On the other hand, I like how the 5 Martial Artists believe in Frankie. I hate how the other "white" people treat them. It really annoys me cause they were invited to come fight for them, yet treated with no respect or trust and constantly restraining them from going anywhere. They are even accused/ hinted of being traitors from the dark side as well, just so they wouldn't fight for them. Seriously, what a waste of Frankie's effort in convincing them to fight. Its not worth it at all. Even though its supposed to be a bad thing that the white side might lose, I sorta don't want the 5 Martial Artist to fight for such people >< *still very annoyed how that guy tortured Selena even though he's dead* One thing I thought was odd was how they used the “Pillowcase of Mystery” idea, when Frankie found the pillow inside some vase, and then saw his master in his dreams. It seems to fit into this context I suppose, though Frankie better not sleep with the pillow and go see his master again~ once is enough..but yeh..can’t help but point that out XD lol
Somehow seeing Tavia’s father loving his daughter that much and trusting her, I hope Tavia would accept him someday. Feel sorta sad how Tavia is betraying the dark side~
So happy Tavia finally realised the truth- I was getting annoyed how she wouldn’t believe them. From what I recalled from memory, I thought Frankie told Tavia his suspicion of John Chiang’s character before (but in this episode,she said Frankie never mentioned it to her)
It always happens- even though the characters know how dangerous it would be- still go and confront the person without telling anyone first >< She even brought along what he wants from her! I hope Frankie can make it in time..or someone from the dark side to save her, so Tavia's father would know what kind of guy John Chiang's character is.

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  • JJ(^ _ ^) says:

    You know what?? I have the same thoughts about this episodes.. When I saw the pillow case, I was like….haha, that’s like the same thing from Pillow Case Mystery… also… what I think is that when they act the scenes, they move everything around so that even if they mentioned something already, it’ll end up being..like “I never knew that”.

    I feel bad for Frankie…. he helped like everyone! But luckily, everyone found out… YAY!!!

  • haha i think every tvb fan who saw pillow case of mystery would’ve thought the same thing when i saw that scene i was like “can’t tvb come up with something more original and creative” they keep on using the same ideas all the time…can’t wait to watch the end… cos watching the credits near the end tavia was all in purple sitting in that middle seat of the dark side like a leader or something… want to know wat happened!!!

  • Fairy says:

    HIIIIII! haha ok Im here…Im dying to watch the FTF ending…no one posted up the torrents for 29-30 yet though…but Im dling the bulk torrent from 1-30 so hehe still good…

  • Roxxane says:

    Haha, yeah, it seems like ‘A Pillowcase of Mystery’. =D I wonder why Tavia couldn’t recall that Frankie told her that John might be the traitor. I mean, I also remembered that he mentioned it before and Tavia seemed to accept it a little and was on her guard. Well, I guess she suddenly forgot. T___T

  • KTVB says:

    Or maybe..TVB decided to change some the script half way..and hopes no one notices..

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