September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 28

This episode was soo goood xD !! Heaps happened and it was moving at a fast pace. The truth finally comes out with John Chiang being the traitor *yay*. All secrets are out (can’t think of any that hasn’t come out yet) Frankie’s innocence is finally proven =)

Gotta say, when Frankie was discussing with John Chiang about working together I thought that was a pretty good idea lol, though I kept on having doubt John Chiang would keep his words~ when he and Frankie were facing the Evil Sect leader, I kept having this feeling he was gonna turn around and kill off Frankie +_+ intense stuff…at least he hit the Dark Sect leader too. ..when everyone started coming out, it was like ‘yay’! ^___^ And the Dark Sect leader looked sorta out-of-place. Pretty much all the ‘white’ people were there, his power seem to have weaken, but when Raymond appeared, it was like ‘AHHHHH!!!! Scary!!!! >___<;;' Raymond appears more powerful than the dark Sect Leader, with him on his side, its likely they would have to defeat him to even get to the leader =\ I felt sad when Raymond started talking to Selena, he appeared so happy she was awake but she felt really sad because of what he was doing- becoming a cold-blooded person; doing anything to save her. When he tried to just justify his reasons, he realises Selena hasn't woken up. Maybe it wasn't his illusion, maybe that's what Selena's soul was really telling him. Aww...the Ghost doctor dies >< He died being a filial son (really like that apsect of him), sorta felt sorry for him. I thought the Ghost Doctor and Raymond were starting to become good friends/ or would have been good friends =[ but yeh...too bad =( Before that, I was thinking both doctors are on the evil side, that means if anyone is badly injured on the good side, no one can save them..Raymond also seemed to be ordered to kill those who betray the Dark Sect Leader (i.e Tavia) but the Dark Sect leader cancels the mission. I thought it looked a bit odd to have the leader at the Food place, but I suppose he is a human as well. Even though he's the evil guy, I do want Tavia and his relationship to mend back. (can see it happening already =) ) We see Nancy and Derek again! *neat* ^__^ Glad they are living a peaceful happy life together ^^ Even though John's charater has gone psycho, he's still very powerful (looks like he mastered the palm technique). Kinda funny how he wonders why he's hungry and if the noodles are edible ^^; He gets what he deserves. When Derek protected that guy, it really shows how much he has changed into a kind person =) The Competition is on the next episode!!! So excited!! I can't wait to see it~~ The zombie-like undyable dead bodies look so scary...I wonder if the good guys can win? Will Raymond also be battling with them? We'll just have to wait and see =) p.s: this is also the episode Raymond has black streaks in his hair =)

5 Responses to “[Face to Fate] Episode 28”

  • i really liked this episode as well…seeing derek and nancy again was cool considering they haven’t appeared for quite a while now…john chiang going crazy that was like “dai 死” haha.. he was so evil… cant wait for the next episode!!! every one in the white part seems to be losing in the trailer… must see wat happens!!!

  • KTVB says:

    dai 死”

  • onecentz says:

    ur info is really good ^^ty

  • mabel says:

    i dont get it how did nancyand derek survive the cliff?

  • Vienne says:

    HAHA, I found it so funny that no one noticed that John Chiang just kinda disappeared when frankie was talking to raymond and the dark sect leader… that is SO not realistic! ^^ I really like this episode though!

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