September 2006

[Face to Fate] Episode 29

And the battle begins!!

It was an intense episode; it also seemed like Raymond had the upper hand because he understood Frankie too well. The whole way I was rooting for the White Side (like the white side heaps more after John Chiang’s character has left lol, I like the competitiors too).

The way Raymond got one of the fighters to suck up all the powers of the 3 generals was too evil!! It seems like more and more of the dark kingdom people are liking Tavia because the way she treats and cares for everyone there…I think she has earned their loyalty~ the generals, that guy she punished by rebuilding the house rather than getting killed, the guards at the doors..when she becomes the leader, I’m sure she can turn the dark place to a good one =) *refers to Tavia wearing purple sitting on the throne in the ending credits*
There were also some surprises~ like Derek competiting!! ^^ That was very neat lol I feel happy for the 2 couples- Evergreen and Fiona always wanted to have a baby, and Derek was fighting- not only for the white/good side, but also for his and Nancy’s future and their baby ^^ Feel very happy for them =D *yay* they get a good ending and are finally accepted  =D When he stood there I was getting worried, because it seems like he hasn’t fought in ages, and as Raymond said- Derek isn’t able to use that technique to the fullest because he lost that burning fire/killing heat (dunno how else to explain it XD) That was the 4th round and it was very crucial because that determined whether the white side could proceed to the final round. It would be a waste if the White side lost in the 4th round and Frankie didn’t get to fight. So I knew Derek would win, watching how is the cool part ^^ So good to have Derek on the good side . I’m sure his father would be very proud of him (we just need Raymond to come back)

The one I feel sorry for the most is Raymond’s character. I pity his charcter because everything he does, its for Selena- but that’s not what she wants, and Tavia and Frankie are also constantly telling him that Selena doesn’t want to wake up to face him anymore. The poor guy, so helpless. He doesn’t care what he turns into as long as he can svae Selena, even if he knows what he is doing is wrong. They are all convincing him its not too late to turn back. However, Frankie wants assurance that if he returns back to the white side, Selena can still saved. Too bad Frankie and the others can’t give him that certainty but the DarkSect leader can..At that point, I felt like giving Raymond a hug =(He asks Selena ‘What should I do?’ I wish someone can give him an answer too..
The last episode is on tomorrow night – final round for the competition:

Raymond v Frankie ..this match is bound to be good!! (really reminds me of two good friends- Raymond and Bosoc from LWOLAP fighting for opposite sides) Who is truely more powerful? I wonder..I have a feeling Raymond might end up losing to Frankie because there’s still good inside him..but its also possible Frankie will lose because he cares more for Raymond and Raymond defeating Frankie is driven by a strong will to save his love. In the opening themevideo, Frankie seems have been killed/badly injured and Tavia is crying- I wonder if that’s from losing to Raymond or another battle with the Dark Sect leader +_+ There’s also another part on the opening with (not sure where the place) and Frankie is facing Tavia- I wonder if that’s in his dreams..

In the ending credits, there’s Raymond, Selena and her son happily together (with flowers around his head) I hope that’s their good ending!!! But his hair is still white~ ~ maybe!! He doesn’t end up getting the cure~ we’ll just have to see!! ^^

Such suspense!! All answers will be coming next episode!!
P.s: where were the judges from? Didn’t quiet get that

4 Responses to “[Face to Fate] Episode 29”

  • Fairy says:

    Hmm I watched the ending already…haven’t seen the scene with Raymond/Selina and her son….maybe I missed it??? hm……

  • KTVB says:

    noooOo…I was looking forward to that scene..

  • Bi says:

    yeah I didnt see that part where Raymond, Selena, and her “son” had the pretty flower reef around their heads either. I saw it on the ending credits but never in he actual series. I loved this series I think it kicked butt!lol, Raymond and Selena was my favorite couple, I knew he would turn back to being good at the end! he couldnt risk losing Selena though, good thing that he was smart. ^_^

  • amy says:

    i lve ittttttt sooooooooo much this is da favorite movie i’ve ever watch since 2004 and 05

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